Retro Pluto – Swipe Away

Retro Pluto – My dear Eartlings and Aliens Retro Pluto damn swipes our lives for the sake of a purging the past and hopefully making a rough cut diamond out of our subconsciousness. That is your ultimate goal. However, digging the past experiences into the light of the objective comprehension and evaluation is leading to a placement of accomplishing goals. Or not. Depending on your well played gaming, loyalty to yourself as well as your loved ones and recognition of right opportunities. Here we have a new cycle of looking back and re-questioning pur goals in the light of realization whether all the right moves have been made. The pathology of the subconsciousness is dragging healthy energy of the collective unconscious to feed the void of consumerism and greed yet altogether in the function of ongoing test for the sake of deliverance and salvation of mankind. God has placed a test upon us to male sure who can get a VIP card and who is on the Heavenly list. Until October 8th Retro Pluto will reveal the place for all of us.

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