North Node in Gemini – Catch up With Yourself


The position of North Node in Gemini reflects the Karmic duty for the time being. Regarding the symbolism of Gemini it calls for understanding, picking up the pieces of the puzzle together, gaining information, updating the knowledge, expressing oneself by means of communication, writing, creativity, multimedia thus improving your business as well as your state of mind. The point with this North Node would be to integrate the shadow playing within the famous duality of Gemini thus catching up with one’s own frame of the game. It would be of the utmost importance to figure out the right information, to set up the right mind and realize the unconscious vs conscious layout of your game. The real challenge would be to comprehend the potential inconsistencies and re-eamine one’s own choices for the sake of the arrival to the ultimate aim. If not already established, it would be the great time to realize your ultimate aim as for it essentially is. The shadow playing calls for integration into consciousness for the sake of accomplishing the perfect health and one’s own ambitions. Most importantly, think about yourself and integrate the shadow into a realistic perspective by means of understanding true motives, needs and ambitions. You would have to be true to your soul, heart and mind to do so. Gemini posses the quality of objectivity so make sure you objectively comprehend your own position in the world. The point would be improving the business prospect and happiness by improving oneself and it requires just a little thinking through. Whatever you strive to accomplish now would be a great time for catching up with yourself.


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