Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Clear the Way to Happiness

Lunar Eclipse in Libra – on 25th of March we are having a Lunar Eclipse as a sort of overturn and major shift in perception of interpersonal relations, relationship dynamics and socializing in general whereupon the fixations, eagerness and pathology of the past reach the point of overturn into a clear vision of realistic lowdown of how things have to change within ourselves in order to build up solid foundations on social background for entire x generation having Pluto around the same degrees of the Eclipse. It’s the moment of reaching the point blank in further undertaking whereupon the all so very needed shift takes place to clear out the way. Only the substantial quality, pure inrentions and true love makes the transition into a much more relieved and relaxed ongoing development thus keeping the flame alive deprived of fears, fixations and pathology. Until the next Solar Eclipse in Aries on 8th of April when the identity issues should be cleared out and glowing in front of ourselves as well as people in general. The entire process would be a sort of swimming out of the matrix, realizing one’s own true self, liberation from the shadow thus building a healthy ego that withstands the test of time. Keep the dignity in the process and embrace this Full Moon as a guideline for a better future, successful relations and happiness.

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