Jupiter in Scorpio – Revealing the Essentials


The sign of Scorpio rules the overall psychological energy being established as a concept of libido and it represents the depths of the psyche where all the baseline truths are emanating from if you care to do some essential thinking up to a point of cutting a diamond in the rough. It requires a lot of thinking through to reach  the essence of truth of life, your family or business affairs as well as of the mysteries of the world. The only way to reach the top. Grasping the essentials is a challenge everybody has to face sooner or later for the benefit of one’s own spiritual and physical health. Essentially, the realms of Scorpio represent the energy of health, libido, psychological power, financial potential and resources on the individual disposal that you can operate with. The 8th house of Scorpio is the basic potential of one’s own energetic power that has been exposed to extensive draining during the times of Saturn in Scorpio due to some personal entanglements that you have had in your life. Well, consider it an investment for the sake of an upcoming revival, recharge, pay-off.

Scorpios are natural businessmen so make sure your investments have brought you a reward that you have worked for all these years. With Jupiter coming along, it is the time to clear up the area, resolve the burning issues, untie the entanglements in your lives and grasp the essence of your situation in the light of ongoing cross-examination on a world scale. Karma works its way, however now is the time to shed a light on the essence of your life, the time for revelation of one’s own motives, purification from various influences leaving you with what you have had in the first place or with who you essentially are.

Purification and how does it work. It is all a matter of the mind-set and picking up the pieces of your current situation by establishing the facts in the light of your own individuality along with the built-up attitude, knowledge and experience. Scorpionic way of thinking is exact, precise and essential representing the sole very truth with no compromises whatsoever. It takes a little courage, however this Jupiter transit is about to enlighten the way through the valley of shadows with the utmost wisdom and spirituality from an essential point of view. Scorpios are famous for unveiling the truth from all the masks and colorful lies aiming right through the center of the point.

Scorpios know the truth. This Jupiter might inspire you to make essential overviews in your life from the perspective of your own motives, professionalism and natural cravings. The nature of your natural cravings is something that you have to face with from the perspective of usefulness, beneficence and wisdom. In some particular way your natural cravings might even turn out to be your saving grace. This time around your instincts are getting wise and the power of your instinctive nature saves you from further complications. It seems like God has taken over the impulses of nature for the sake of warnings unassumingly but also for the sake of salvation.

The right mind-set that builds up your own individuality with the psychological, introspective outlook on your recent past i.e. the 12 year cycle will provide the answers to your burning questions. Scorpios are natural detectives, psychologists and explorers so this forthcoming year ahead you might be challenged to seek and find the patterns of your own overall behavior with special outlook on the subconscious motives and impulses that are conditioning your conscious mind unless you purify the shadow and really understand yourself completely. That exactly might even endow you with a diamond of truth. It is the only way to free your mind and liberate from entanglements that you are currently overwhelmed with i.e. work it out by intensive essential thinking until you reach the top of your game. Jupiter is there to guide you to gain wisdom however the basic condition in order to do that is Faith.

The Faith, regardless of any religion, the sole very faith in God that everything makes sense after all if you think about it from the essential point of view. For that particular matter it is of the utmost importance to appreciate quality and build up real values to guide you in your life as well as choosing the right path by choosing a side in the black and white paradigm. Jupiter represents consciousness and it provides special insights into the realms of truth from various angles, however this time around by transiting Scorpio it might provide the special scope on the essence of your life, society and the world.

In order to have a healthy world it is of the utmost importance to have a healthy individual and therefore the key issue is the issue of self-improvement and building up your own individuality regardless of the influences or circumstances. It is of the utmost importance to be your own man and to react and behave from your own very individuality. For that matter it is of the utmost importance to know who you really are and to individuate in accordance with your own inner truth. Be your own true self.

It takes individual effort, education, information, professional improvement in order to work out the best way to accomplish your own dreams. Dreams, you would agree, represent your only reality and you have to be who you are after all. And only you know who you really are.

This Jupiter in Scorpio might inspire you to think it through and ask yourself what really matters in your life, what are the essential qualities that you need and where you want to invest your energy into. The 8th house of Zodiac is the house of basic potential, libido, energetic metabolism of your life and consequently the financial benefit that you are capable of obtaining. It is the house where your natural health is generally emanating from. Basically, your mind as the pilot in a cabin is defining the very quality of your energy and consequently your health.  Finances are only the natural cause and effect kind of benefit. However, the 8th house represents the battlefield of your life where various influences collide regarding of circumstances so that in order to purify the psyche from various energies this Jupiter is now putting in effect as a sort of water jet to purify the heart, soul and body only through Faith and working out of the puzzle of your own individuality. The key point is the question of your own motives where everything emanates from and in order to figure it out, you have to face the challenge of really knowing yourself. Jupiter might shed a light on your own very true self and help you understand your own reality from the essential point of view.

Jupiter might as well empower you with psychological power enough to do that and strengthen up your own libido as overall psychological potential enough to provide good health and regeneration. Generally, the issue of healing and regeneration, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically has never been so powerful and actual as now. Various psychological techniques, energetic wellness treatments and spirituality with regard to the holistic principle lead to self-improvement by providing essential insights into one’s own health and well-being as well as assistance in building the mind-set for one’s own existential benefit.

Scorpios are naturally in the hands of God and the very nature of Scorpio is to set up various tests in order to realize the very most important facts – the Truth about oneself. With Jupiter in transit, you might gain wisdom on your own tests in your life where you should have shown the principle of your own true self.  Ultimately, God provides the test for us all in the light of everything being said and done for the sake of one’s own individual salvation. All the people on the frequency of Truth might get endowed with special wisdom of Jupiter thus revealing the Essentials.


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