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Solar Eclipse in Libra – Think Justly

In the year of the Cat let the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 14 th and the New Moon make everything you have gained, learned and acquired be of your best judgment for whatever decision you have to make.

The potential turnovers and trend shifts in the next six months might as well surprise you yet they will essentially depend on your sound judgment, your inclination and attitude you are willing to build.

In the overall swamp of Saturn in Pisces keep in mind the backbone of your individuality and the discipline of your stadards with regard to high morality Libra balances on the scales of the right and wrong.

The upcoming Mars in Scorpio will enable you fight your way through the valley of shadows to keep the backbone safe and sound thus providing long term agreements, contracts, firm decisions, solid foundations, establishments and far-reaching choices that might put you on the right track of your life.

Mercury in the Conjunction with the Eclipse will enable you to think thoroughly and cautiously with regards to justice being done in the area of influence in your natal chart. As far as your social background supports the ultimate power demand of Pluto Sqaure in the form of acceptance of the inevitable, you will be able to make the right choice and pull out the safe gateway to success and happiness.

Whatever the case might be, the upcoming Eclipse will tackle the just judgment in all of us to make things right after a long cycle of Retro Grind whereupon everybody revealed the true selves before the eyes of God. Now, Retro Jupiter will allow you to pick up the pieces together in the puzzle of life and endow you with a reward of value in case you play your cards right.

A glass of wine and a cosy lounge with some jazz on would do to get things straight with yourself in the first place and then with everybody else.

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Blue Moon in Pisces – Feeling Blue

Blue Moon in Pisces – When reality rings the bell in the form of prevailing emotion thus enabling us to comprehend in silence the realities of our lives. Dive into the sea of the soul to find the truth as a solid base to build upon your dreams. What you know and what you have gained calls for understanding in the higher perspective of what is really going on thus sobering the world of fantasy into a feeling of undeniable, substantial and grounded reality of the soul in the form of experienced hunch and profound sensation of what passed the test of sustainability and grounding in reality. Fantasizing doesn’t seem to be comforting nowadays yet facing with the facts of hard-core truth if not logically at least whole-heartedly. This pearl of wisdom of Blue Moon in Pisces is hidden beneath the remains of the past and provides the guiding light towards the release, putification, washing away with tears of Heavenly comfort that after all the karma cycles everybody finds the right way. For all who already are on the right track this Blue Moon will provide answers from in-depth comprehension , humility, compassion and higher understanding of mysterious ways of God enough to provide disclosure on the most important answers to the question if lessons have been learnef, This Blue Moon is a great opportunity to make peace with yourself, exercize forgiveness and find the pearl of Truth. It’s good to feel blue for it’s where all the wisdom comes from. Seek answers and you shall find. It’s important to figure out what is right thing to do. It’s when God asks – okay how do you feel about your life? And if you deel good does it make you right.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo- Jet Pro

Mercury Retrograde  in Virgo -Professionalism will save the world

Being a Pro is not just a matter of work being well done, being a pro is a matter of character. Now that Mercury seemingly goes retrograde it’s time to pick up the pieces and work out all the little details and subtleties, dig out the forgotten bits and pieces that might hold significance to the layout of the game. Establishing the facts and checking upon what we already know would do miracles for God’s will provides this chance to establish the Truth. Make sure you  don’t miss anything, be thorough and systematic along with buiding  a solid   base in good faith and high morality for the benefit of the soul and mankind. You might as well find workable solutions and see the exit light after thinking it through.  Also, you might as well pick up where you have left or get to a point of re-examining what you already established as a fact, you might work out the already started undertaking or catch up with what is needed to go straight forward. In any case do not sign anything in the retrograde mode for you might as well change your mind later, whatever you plan to do now would be the time to work out the plan in details and jumpstart the game with intelligent moves or you just get to be done with answers. You have to be ready at least in your mindset after September 15,  Jet Pro is the name of the game.

Jupiter in Taurus- Simplicity is of the Greatest Sophistication

Jupiter in Taurus today and we might as well feel the mild, earthly energy with soothing soul flavor. Beauty, art, soul-searching, blessings, possessions, values, talents, food in-take, private business, sense of fulfilment, ownership, self-content, self-worth, whatever makes you feel you have in your life now gets to be blessed and uplifted in case you vibrate with Jupiterean energy of goodness and fairness. The exaltation of soul might bring special inspiration to all the artists and people into art and generally enhance the potential for creation. For everybody who have been wisely investing this teansit might bring fruition in the year to come. This Earthly energy of Taurus the very sign of Earth might as well bring the benevolent energy to Earthly dealings and issues of importance as a proof that aGod still guards the children who seek deliverance from the shaken and chaotic worldly happenings. Now would be the time to count on what is real, stable, proven, safe and grounded. Now would be the time to think rational, to be practical, to evoe tradition and classicism into a modern concepts of living. If simplicity is tbe greatest sophistication now would be the time to draw the line and settle all the complications into a simple, workable, practical solutions. Now would be the time to enhance the productivity and invest into the stable and secure business or art. Now would be the time to celebrate life, raw and naked, sensible and sensitive enough to male you feel satisfied. Jupiter in Taurus might as well enhance the joy if living at least as possible as it you live up to. Now would be the time to seek peace and reach zen when gentle white dove brings good news. Now would be the time to enjoy life a little mire if possible, just take care not to iverindulge in hedonism and earthly pleasures. Take care not to gain a few pounds if you don’t need and try to gain as mch love as possible for the capacity to love and talents also come into spotlight. Whatever you do try to bring beauty into it, try to be safe and sound, evoke the classical values into your every day life and feel the relief of the exalted soul in need for peace and quiet of hussle and bussle in contemporary world. Nowthe blessings work their way to you to sooth the soul, purify the body and clear your mind. Let’s pray and manifest goodness of life for God to deliver us from the perverted matrix. Purity of mind, body and soul will keep us safe.. God bless!

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – Shake up

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – The overall energy of this Eclipse would be the “shadow” issues that need resolving that might overturn the psyche into an Eclipse of Mind. Self-Iprovement actually takes place when hero is under pressure being exposed to events beyond control thus being challenged to show their true nature. Shocking revelations, fierce energies, intensive emotions, moving within the extremes of tendencies and events. Moon rules the psyche as well as the instincts and we all might feel a little bit undershaken for whatever reason thus making us feel compelled to deal with our own “shadow” issues. God moves in mysterious ways and in the following six months we will be well tested for the sake of the intensive self-improvement, becoming the best possible people and earning salvation. Whatever happens keep in mind God wants us to constantly improve , be the best we can and have our names in the Book of Life.

Pluto in Aquarius – Alienation

Pluto in Aquairus – Exciting as it might seem, true it is, yet it gets to be a little more important than that.

Namely, Pluto rules Power and the upcoming transit in Aquarius brings on the shift of Power in it’s essential meaning. This transit tackles the issues of individuality and freedom and that exactly might be the prevailing motivation for the majority of people. Whimsical excess or exhibitionism, demonstration of personal power in the most passionate and extravagant way. Something to think about.

Namely, Pluto was in Aquairus during the American Liberation and Independence as well as during the French Revolution and it would be something to think about. The point is liberation urge would be predominant desire in people who seek to find one’s own space and freedom to express. Within the overall technocracy in the making we will be challenged to do what we feel on the verge of anarchy.

Aquarius rules electricity so as to bring on the latest developments of 5G or wireless electricity pretty much incorporated in our lives. Alien discoveries would be pretty much advanced and actually that topic would be the be the massive pitch in the years to come. What is the most important Aquarius rules the mind, intelligence and social interactions so as to feel the flux of energy and depth of thinking as well as a kind of alienation and solitude of Pluto in the universe of Aquarius. What all of us might feel would be the independence of thought, originality as well as the deprivatio of emotion and sensuality but a sort of nechanucal orange kind of flavor. We might as well feel alienated in every sense of the word almost like a can of drink. Make sure you contain as much as you need to survive.



Saturn in Pisces – Wisdom Check

The predominant emotion of Saturn in Pisces would be the swamp  of human perdition and degradation into a total decomposition and relativism of this transitional time that requires gaining wisdom out of it all, as well as “paying the karma dues” of the entire cycle of  the past 28 years. It is a sort of a closure of thr cycle whereupon the darkest night happens right before dawn. If Saturn rules the spine then in Pisces it would be the as spineless as it gets so as to bring us all into a dreamy mood of our own idiosyncracies and fantasies that doesn’t have to do much with reality.

Still, Saturn might as well bring a sober awakening thus splashing reality into our faces so as to wake us up from the drowsiness just as much.

What would be the most important lesson of this transit would be the chance to really gain wisdom – a true wisdom and the pearl of purity and knowledge so  beautifully made of all the experience so far. Tough one I know, yet it’s not impossible.

Pisces rule Faith and Religion and this transit might as well evoke the questions of Religion thus sobering up majority of people into realistic religious wisdom whereupon the key issue would be Faith itself. The central issue of Faith will make us question the mysterious ways of God thus finding explanations and revealing mysteries of the world into unique wizardry and heritage of the  New World.  Faith keeps us going and Pisces unite the knowledge and wisdom of all the signs, being the last sign of Zodiac,  that will altogether make us draw important conclusions and revelations of our own life. Having a closure and disclosure of all the important lessons and issues in our lives we might as well end up a cycle in the following 2.5 years with  and learn to live the life we were sent out  to live. Finding salvation, saving our souls, having our name written in the Book if Life would be our mission and  this transit should teach us to become our own shamans, our own Priestesses, our own Wizzards and our own Magicians of the contemporary world that would be the most important gain in the contemporary world being thrown back  to the middle ages with the same heroes who lead the weak through the valley of drarkness. Saturn in Pisces is not particularly strong yet  the ultinate gain of this transit is exactly the spiritual strength, Faith and Wisdom thus passing a test of our dreams to become reality. Keep in Mind, Saturn in Pisces brings  a sort if unique Test of  our dreams, spirituality and Soul. It would be the test of our higher Reason that has to provide explanations of the key issues of Spirit and Faith that withstand the test of time. It is as well the Test of all the spiritual heritage of the civilization such as supreme Science and Art enough to prove the Universal Value of the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius for Universality would be the new standard. This test will show what we have learned so far and what we have created.  It will question our beliefs as much as our dreams. Make sure you pass with flying colors for some day you might become a wizzard of your own.

The Year of the Cat – Resolution Ahead

The year of the Cat evokes the essential and basic characteristics of the Cat in people thus making us all feel thoughtful, cautious, diplomatic, sophisticated , elegant at least a little bit so as to bet on reasonable resolution of opposing and raging amplitudes of extremes in the contemporary world. Essential and predominant feeling of Cat people would be the peace and harmony with the world, intelligemt mind, , the stoic and  dignified attitude of refined energies that bring healing and protect the health of mind. Tradotionally Cats symbolize the health of psyche so as to bring healing of the raging 2022 Tiger’s energies that has brought complication and havoc into our lives. What we can do now is make sure we think cautiously and independently about ourselves, our lives and the world in general thus drawing conclusions on the next step we take in getting close to resolution of our own game set as well as the world issues. They say that everything happens within the realms of spirit first and then on the realms of physical world and what exactly needs to happen would be the resolution of the collision of the opposing worlds of tradion and contemporary tendencies thus finding balance and creating a new world view with past and future incorporated into a straigh-up  attitude with best posdible heritage and perdpective of united east and west, tradion and modern world view. A lot has been overcome, yet a lot we have built and  the classical values of the past would be something to bring on into the future and the Cats would be the symbol of the wise world that  knows how to unite the opposites and to go straight ahead with the best from all human experience. The Culture of built-up civilization does not need to be questioned for it will prove to be valuable heritage in the years to come  still embracing the higher consciousness of the modern world whereupon the the health, environmental, social-economic issues need to be met with evolved attitude of contemporary man, First, thinking thoroughly about oneself and then of the world would be the urge this year with the ultimate aim of providing valuable conclusions and making wise decisions that the next year of Dragon and the following year of Snake are going to put into workable practical solutons. You might call the the year of the Cat preparatonal yet it’s when things take shape on the mind-set first and when basically everything gets formed in the decisions set up in motion based  on all experience we have so far. Keep in mind that every step you take is a step close to God and the wise Cat reminds you of that. Cats understand the mysterious ways of God and that would be the challenge for all of us the bear wisdom. Cats were the one to stand dignified on the Buddha funeral without crying alongside with the Snake for it would be the call of this year – wisdom exactly. For however you define your mind-set it would bring on the relevant experience later. The children of God lead this world to Heaven and this year would be the time for all of us God’s children to get little wise. Think of how you can become the best yourself and professionalize for this world is saved only by the professionals, The year of the Cat help us work it out. Some learn from failure , some learn from success yet the most important would be to constantly learn lessons as being the consequences of sll karma happenings besides  the karma reward. If everything happens for reason now would be the call for sll of us to think about what the reason might be. The year of the Cat help us do it.


Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – The Strength Card


Namely, this Eclipse will test our stength and stamina on our way to a new victory. Get your pills ready for the Lunar Eclipse on Uranus in Taurus might potentially bring up anxiety due to collective psychosis. What would be most reliable right now is the strength and solid memory of the very development so far thus protecting our common sense and the world of wisdom. What we know within our own experience lead us far beyond questioning of the civilization and makes us resilient to challenges of the new age, Turnovers, shifts, conflits of interests, paranoya, anxiety, psychosis induced and projeted by the restless trying to fill the void of pointless fixations and greed of the consumerist society would test our limits pretty much. Hold your guns, keep up the good work and summon the power for the challenge would be the Strength Card.