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Solar eclipse May 2012

work out time

Astronomically speaking, on 20th/21st of May 2012 there is a first solar eclipse of the year 2012, also called annular (from the Latin word “annulus” i.e. the ring), that describes the appearance in the sky where Moon shades the Sun in a way that there is a ring of solar light around it, visible in southern Japan, Southeast Asia, Pacific Ocean and western USA. This partial eclipse duration in totality is 5 minutes 36 seconds and according to CET (Central European Time, GMT +1 longitude: 020 30, latitude: 44 50) with its peak at 00:47 AM on 21st of May. This phenomenon occurs at 00 degrees, 20 minutes, constellation Gemini.

Astrologically speaking, this solar eclipse is happening due to very positive planetary influences. Namely, it is widely held that the influence of a solar eclipse lasts up to six months, until new solar eclipse occurs, however there are opinions that influences of the eclipses last as many years as the very eclipse last in minutes.  Essentially, eclipses mostly bring the changes of trends, switches of inertia and sudden overturns. Since this particular eclipse occurs in Gemini, it mostly refers to a boost of communication, thus verbalizing issues of the relevant houses, constructively managing the current matters, but most of all, due to the influence of close Jupiter, raising awareness of relevant issues and possibly spotting the guiding light regarding the house where Gemini is in a natal chart. Due to the opposition with North Node in Sagittarius, the emphasis is in revealing the truth and the task is subsiding the basic belief and grasping the big picture of the game we are involved in, with reference to the particular house. Previous trends of managing and understanding are proving to be not so workable solutions, so that the sudden switch of the approach may bring out handling the matter more constructively. The square with Neptune is indeed challenging in a way that we may be questioning ourselves for the sake of finding the right frame of mind. Overall, it brings about the boost of communication and expansion regarding all sorts of institutions in the world of mass media, productivity of journalists, writers and people in the business, stimulating new ideas and fresh insights. With upcoming Jupiter in June, this boost of communication and ideas should result in raising awareness of all the relevant issues mentioned above. All information that has been somehow hidden or not regarded as important may  prove to be of value in order that people just ”see the light”. Due to the retrograde Venus, in matters of the heart, reconsidering issues may also lead to sudden breakthroughs in understanding and tendencies of verbalizing suppressed topics. Time to question and set up a new frame for the game after 27th June.


Karmic Relationships -the Way to Perfection

Taking into consideration that Karma is difficult to define, we are approaching the topic that initiates the question of karma and that is “karmic relationship”. Whether we consider karma as past lives or debts or credits of the ancestors, that we affirm as an opinion exclusively in relation to the question of faith, we regard this complex issue from the astrological point of view as the way to work on oneself like a necessary need so as to pass through the experience of karmic relationship with the best efficiency, regardless of the status of the very relationship in the end.


The way to perfection. The author has decided to use this title since the capacity for perfection lies within ourselves, sometimes as the ideal, ambition or aspiration but most certainly as a chance to achieve the balance in our lives, reach the inner piece through learning, maturing, sometimes even renunciation but unavoidably through work on oneself and auto-realization. The ultimate aim is the fulfillment of the karmic duty, one’s own purpose and affirmation of the centre of gravity, point of support and guiding light in life but as well the establishment of personality through formed character. Character is acquired and in psychological terms it is the base of a human destiny. Therefore, the fulfillment of one’s own meaningful existence is the aim. You can guess that the affirmative representative of the entire process, but also the shaped up character, is Saturn itself, the point that we start from but also the one that is going to provide the final signature and verification of one’s own existence. And the light of reason is emerging. It is a long-lasting process over which one doesn’t have a full control, very often unconscious, except in those cases when one is working on oneself, getting to know oneself, recognizing and categorizing one’s own personality. Self-awareness leads to awareness of the very process although the causality can hardly be perceived, and if they can, it is at best the individual act.


Saturn in the first place describes karmic duty, the area in the natal chart where one is basically concentrated, where one’s stronghold is and where one finds one’s own purpose and sense. The sign where Saturn is based in natal chart represents people we have a special karmic reference about i.e. who are of exquisite importance for our inner growth and development. Therefore, if we take a peak into a natal chart, we will notice that people of that sign where Saturn is, are being very important to us for some reason. Sometimes we are particularly fond of them so that we have a special emotion for them, and yet sometimes we feel odd hostility. That is because the very karmic reference makes them particularly influential in our lives. Those are the people we are in karmic relations with and they are of crucial importance for us. Very often this process is being conveyed unnoticeably but most often we feel that they have enormous influence on the development of ourselves and very often those are long-lasting connections since karmic process is durable and far-reaching. Those are not “smooth” relations, they are often full of obstacles, efforts and even suffering since everything is being focused on restructuring of personality with the aim of “karma purification” or, to put it like this, becoming a better person. What does this practically mean? It is understood that there is an interaction between the Sun sign and Saturn. Namely, if you are for example Scorpion and another person has Saturn in Scorpion in the natal chart, there is an interaction between Sun and Saturn. If it is love, everything is happening under the veil of emotions and some deep-rooted connection with the partner for which we only know that we need him. Those are the people that we learn from. Very often we don’t have the feeling that we are getting what we want but what we need for some reason for our inner growth. The one whose Saturn is, is the great teacher, critic, loudspeaker of reality referred to the one whose Sun is, and who is supposed to mature in the area and affirm everything what “Saturn” is moralizing about. The aim is maturing and personal improvement, correction of one’s own flaws, fears, prejudices, weaknesses in order to become a better person, morally upright and purposeful, and eventually fulfilled and satisfied. Saturn partner is strict, cruel, critical to the Sun partner who finds it hard to bear, but the sooner they both realize what they need to do and fulfill those life demands, the sooner they will accomplish the purpose and release from the pressure. Here it is necessary to emphasize that the tendencies of Saturn are not just always obvious and it is something to think about. Sometimes, the aim is accomplished, the relationship is over and both sides continue their lives happy with partners they have the next level of connection with, since the need of one for another stops. In an ideal situation, both sides will understand their needs and necessities and tendencies and accomplish the harmony thus improving their relationship. Those can be unbreakable and ideal marriages. However, people don’t change so easily so the practice is showing something else. Such relationships may become very chaotic and a real torture. Here I have to warn the Sun partner since it very often happens that Saturn partner hurts the Sun partner or exhausts him, criticize him or deprives him of something. And vice-versa the Sun partner implies to the same process and can really enlighten the Saturn partner, show him the way and help him affirm his purpose in life. If that’s the case, partners are getting close to fulfillment of their relationship from the perspective of purpose and sense. On the occasion I asked my Saturn partner without thinking about planetary positions and karma: “What’s the meaning of your life?” and thus verbalized the process that was essentially going on at the time, one way or the other.


Besides Saturn, karmic relationships can be signified by the 12th and 4th house. Namely, people of the sign that is on the cusp of 12th house are the ones we enter (or not) the karma relationships, while those of 4th house cusp sign are the ones notified as “the secondary karma”, i.e. familiar karma, in relation to the official psychological category of “familiar unconscious”, introduced by the Swiss psychiatrist Leopold Szondi.


The 12th house is the most typical and the strongest form of karma. “The 12th house encounter” is entirely specific and more-less universal. Here I consider encounters of people who are connected by the sign on the cusp of 12th house. For example, your Ascendant is Pisces and your cusp of the 12th house is Aquarius, so you when you meet Aquarius that you enter relationship with, you are having “the 12th house encounter”. At first, we have a mild impression that we have already met somewhere and then we feel that we know each other for a long time like forever. We recognize each other as incredibly close and spontaneously we open to one another without thinking and without stopping, since we feel we can trust that someone and it’s just flowing out of us. So we are making a connection on a deepest level, under the sexual, on a level of unconscious so that we become a part of one another. It takes time to do that but, in short, that’s what is happening as a typical karma process. In time, we start to look alike and we recognize our own characteristics in the partner. The unconscious of two are melting together. There starts the process of “karmic burnout”, and those are great love affairs.

The “karmic burnout” is basically of the utmost importance here as the process inside of both parts. Essentially, it is the process of “purification of karma”, namely purification of the “basement” so to speak and that we could define as the Id of the personality, in the official psychological terms. Those are the deepest layers of the personality, it is the unconscious which contains all the inherited experience of ancestors, as well as the individual experience in the form of energy of emotions, fears, complexes, phobias, suffering etc. that have been accumulating within in the “basement”. Love reacts like a water pump to all those contents but what is of the utmost importance is what happens on a conscious level since the whole process needs to be circled in order to accomplish the purpose of the karma relationship. And there is always a purpose. Then we have to ask ourselves why we have met in the first place. Generally, in karma, people are closer than usually, sometimes those are the people that know us best. Most certainly, the potential of karma relationships lies in the possible achievement of our own improvement through such a complex and close relationship.  Due to those open doors of the unconscious, it’s time to work on ourselves so that we attach importance to all the messages coming from a karma partner. That’s what life has to say to us anyway. Most often, those are the messages that we need to accept in order to build up a relationship and then to reexamine ourselves The point is that those are not simple relationships, they are very difficult and complicated and they very often end up in divorce and separation, mostly because people are not ready to work on themselves and correct their own flaws that lead to conflict in the first place. That’s why we are fighting so much. Namely, where there is such a great closeness, there are great conflicts and it is not easy to bear the shadow of loving one, very often our own.


Actually, it is necessary to figure out why we have met and what is so important in our relationship. We meet to help each other for some matter so that we can freely move on when the purpose is being accomplished. Then we meet to teach one another a lesson on something, etc. The point is that union can be harmonious only when the process of adjustment has been done and there are relationships when that process is lasting all their lives, or the most of it. Considering the fact that most people don’t think about it and don’t undertake steps to treat their own personality where they should, the majority of karma relationships ends up in brake-ups after the agony both parts experience in realizing that they just can’t be together and yet they can’t be apart. The solution certainly exists but it requires effort and the will.


12th house as the house of secret enemies justifies that, since two parts in karma relationship being secret enemies in inflicting weaknesses in another, thus forcing him to deal with oneself or to fight back…seems clear why those relationships are so complicated. It takes at least two and a half years to figure out in practice if that can work or not. Before elapsing that time it is not advisable to realize marriage or more serious union since carried away by the force of emotions people are not capable of separating and yet they haven’t achieved the harmony.


However, there are positive i.e. successful karma relationships when there is Jupiter in 12th house in the horoscope of one part in the conjunction with the Sun on the other part. Then, the Jupiter partner is a karma reward for the Sun partner. That’s only one example of many, when the karma partner brings prosperity, happiness, fulfillment to the Sun partner and is generally benevolent, thus bringing karma settlement for some good deeds of the ancestors, for example, although we can’t determine that as a fact. Actually, the karma phenomenon is completely incomprehensible and mysterious so that we can only recognize some mechanisms, in order to be able to see what we can do about it. Generally, karma issue is largely a matter of belief and as we know, a matter of some religions, but what practically results from it is that the work on oneself is necessary. The karma issue demands the inner quest and that is of the utmost importance in order to do everything that’s possible so as to improve one’s own personality. It can be regarded in relation to the earlier experiences in a personal history, but what’s important here is that one should know when to end a karma relationship if life implies to that, since it often happens that the process gets even more complicated and new karma debts are being created that way.


It may seem that those kinds of relationships happen to those individuals with full 12th house from logical reasons. Namely, those kinds of relationships can be even necessary for them in order to improve their lives and themselves in the first place. In some cases, it is often more functional to avoid karma relationship where Saturn is afflicted, if it’s possible of course. Generally, karmic relationships are not so recommendable unless you want to work on yourselves and improve your inner state of being through introspection as well as the state of relationship through tolerance and communication. On the other hand, very often they can be unavoidable or it may seem that it isn’t accidental if they have already happened.


4th house relations are somewhat similar but not just the same. 4th house is a house of secondary karma i.e. familiar karma and it is somewhat lighter but there certainly is the karma reference. Partners whose Sun is in the 4th house of our horoscope are basically “father figures” or “mother figures” and as such, these individuals are very important in our lives.  Psychologically, those are people that are very much like a mother or a father and can be very close to the image of animus or anima. They provoke the deepest emotions in us, we feel like we are at home with them and we are capable of getting really close with them. Very often we will see marriages “of the 4th house”. Essentially, these individuals activate the key points in relationship with a parent that they may be prevailing in the relationship with a partner. Sometimes it can function according to the principle of overcompensation, in a way that we compensate what we lack from a relationship with a parent, and sometimes it is just a model. What most certainly happens is the activation of the deepest emotions and the relationship itself tends to be very deep. Very often it happens that we recognize the image of our animus (masculine side of a woman) and anima (feminine side of a man) and we may get the feeling that it is the ideal relationship in the matter, although it depends on a contact between Sun and Moon in both horoscopes as well as other positions. But those partners are considered to be like animus and anima projections.


In accordance to the title, it is important to mention that karmic relationships definitely open the door in a way that they allow one to get more intimate with oneself as well as the partner and provide the insight into the essence of our inner-self. They are recommendable only for those who are ready to cope with themselves and work on the inner improvement. The potential lies in them. It is important to feel when the karmic relationship ends so that we accomplish the purpose of the very encounter and thus the karmic relationship itself, no matter if it is punishment or a reward, giving or taking. All roads lead to Rome so as the life lessons that we get lead to the same cause: becoming a better person, liberated and more perfect. However, if we consider karma that way we get more chance to have more relaxed, happier and more satisfying lives.






Astrology the Life Guide

Essentially, Astrology is the science about life and as such represents the cultural heritage of mankind. Examining the etymology of the term, the prefix ASTRO implies to the conclusion that it is a science about stars, and the very root LOGOS is essential regarding the legislation and scientific foundation of the vey discipline. Quite obvious, the word LOGOS is a philosophical category, implies to the existence of the system, order and functionality that is basically in the base of so many disciplines such as anthropology or even meteorology. The point is the existence of an irrefragable system that functions within absolutely all horoscopes. It is the challenge to understand all the existing relations and in order to do that, it takes a “cultivated mind” (Richard Tarnas in “Cosmos and Psyche”) and an immense intelligence. Understanding nuances only, of the interplanetary and star influences then becomes a pure art. Every chart is unique and original. The free will, of course is the factor that overcomes natal aspects but exclusively by working out on personal development issue, that is necessary factor in order to avoid all the negative and accomplish positive performance. And that is a hard work. Only then we become aware that life is what you make it.

The first astrological traces originate from III millennium BC, in the Babylonian era, then Mesopotamia, along with prominent accomplishments of Greek astrologers, during the conquest of Egypt in the year 332 BC. It is then when the individual horoscope was made, namely the natal chart.

That was the time when Ptolomei made his tables of signs and continents, states and cities that we consult until today.

Arabic minds made a great contribution on development of astronomy and astrology that were undividable in their origin. Namely, Persian mathematician Al Khwarismi, the father of algebra and algorhythm was a famous astronomer and astrologer and all the minds that were into these disciplines were known as “mathematicus”.

During the middle ages and Renaissance, the scholars named “Physiognomes” were even capable of interpreting human lives in relation to the features, shape of the head, color and shape of the hair, physical appearance in general, in order that unmistakably recognize all the positions in the natal chart. For instance, the fact that Leos have hair like  mane, large, strong teeth and broad shoulders, that they walk with their head up high is well known today, but they were capable of recognizing on the face  the position of  Moon, Ascendant or even Mars. Basically, with the beginning of Renaissance, along with the discovery of heliocentric system, the science itself had gone out of the dark ages.

In words of Richard Tarnas, it is the beginning of the “modern self”, since with the discovery of the Sun in the centre of our solar system, ego i.e. consciousness was set in the centre of human perception of self, that is obvious in literature and art in general.  It is the beginning of the so called “scientific astrology” practiced by Galileo Galilei and Johanes Kepler, who remained significant material within the area of interest.

Synchronically with the development of the so called “western astrology”, widely accepted today, astrology of Maya and Aztecs, there was a development of mythological and astrological heritage in the East. In relation to the Western, Chinese astrology makes great contribution to the existing knowledge with impeccable knowledge of the nature of man, where the symbol of “Dragon” is not accidentally dominant and essentially representative, since it stands for the altogetherness of nature – human and nature in general. Japanese tradition is similar and equally precise, that along with the Feng-Shui techniques exquisitely describes the levels of destiny in relation to the energetic vibrations of the body, that are being identified with levels of luck and fortune. Japanese astrological, cultural heritage is very respected and represents consulting medium indispensable in all the affairs. The state of development of Japanese culture is on is well known and the resurrection of nature is incorporated into modern mind. Their stoicism and dignity originates from it, in the culture where dominant archetype is “The Emperor”, at the same time the model of improved perception of reality.

The author of this text had situations where being asked questions about the origin of astronomy and astrology, the question Johanes Kepler had responded a long ago: “Astronomy is the wise mother and Astrology is a foolish daughter but for the very existence and life of the mother, the existence of daughter was indispensable”. The parallelism of the origin of these two disciplines is fascinating since they are both based on mythology and they were developing on the same pace.

Traditional astrology is well known and it seems that it is bound in relativism that is either the inability of the interpreter or even the overcome model of interpretation of celestial phenomena. With regard to the most contemporary spiritual tendencies, self-improvement tendencies, personal and professional development and enhanced interest for the “Holistic principle” (raising awareness of the personal potential, the issue of purpose and responsibility of man), that is in the base of for instance, Homeopathy, Reconnection etc., astrological thought is being developed in the same direction and the psychological astrology today has its aim in realization of the individual potential, raising awareness on “modern- self”, opportunities and responsibility for one’s life. The world astrology today calls for “Creating future with astrology”.

Psychological astrology seems to be the most contemporary and the most progressive discipline today that represents the upgrade of the traditional one. Namely, in words of Richard Tarnas “the future is impossible to predict” and we would add that it is not the very point of psychological astrology. The essence is in the necessity of personal workout on self-improvement in order to recognize the basic potential, realize oneself and make affirmation of the purpose in life. Furthermore, we tend to realize that future is not linear but closely related to the tendency of raising higher consciousness, accepting responsibility, recognizing one’s own lessons in life, realization of oneself and finding purpose.  It is basically a hard work and the process that lasts for a long time, taking into consideration that, by astrological means, the very process of individuation lasts around 15 years. Astrology today has its aim in facing reality with the aim of simplifying everyday life. That is exactly the purpose of the modern, psychological, academic astrology. No more, no less.  What we can forecast is the weather in the situation where we decide whether to take on an umbrella. On the very road, we have lessons to learn in order to do our best, but not without self-improvement and becoming a better person, that ultimately leads to better life opportunities and raises the level of destiny. It is all about raising the level of consciousness. Only then we are self-made, we make our luck and that is the process that lies in the base of the Karma concept, that represents the polygon for improvement of life. On a very practical level.

That understood astrological interpretation provides impeccable results in practice since it stands for the sensible approach and implies to the instructions a man has to take into consideration in the system of information that represent a unique life guide.




Jupiter in Gemini – The Truth Liberates

On 12th of June, ”The Great Benefactor”, Jupiter enters the sign of Gemini, to transit this very sign for an entire year. This ambassador of good will brings a very important influence in the year when collective task is supposed to be raising awareness and a general breakthrough into the higher state of consciousness. Essentially, this breakthrough is being conveyed through the executive power of Jupiter itself.
Basically, Jupiter represents consciousness, spiritual and intellectual insights by means of religion, psychology, philosophy, knowledge and higher education, usually within the range of professional interests and personal and professional improvement. The question of self-improvement has been brought into the spotlight as essential on a more massive level in the contemporary world, depicted by the recent apparent movement of one of the four brightest stars in Milky Way, Regulus, the Archangel Raphael, “Watcher of the North” into the sign of Virgo, that should be establishing a new principle as relevant for the progress of mankind. Personal development issue turns out to be of the key importance.
Jupiter in Gemini announces that this issue should be starting to become conscious and effective, operating on a more massive level, as a predominant condition for general progress and evolution of mankind. Due to the position of Saturn in Libra by September, the focus,ultimate tasks and lessons are within the area of interpersonal relations, partnerships, social interactions, diplomacy as well as the role of diplomatic influence in political affairs, in the final stage. Starting from September, major lessons refer to intimacy issues, personal power and libido, energy issues as well as restructuring of the world power, oil business etc. The ultimate aim is forming an attitude that should be governing us in the years to come, hopefully in a progressive way.
The truth liberates and what seems to be the imperative within the planetary constellations of Uranus-Pluto Square, Jupiter transit is happening, is exactly discovering the truth as the guiding light on the individual as well as collective level in both spiritual and material worlds. Speaking of psychodynamics on the individual level, this transit should bring out into the consciousness issues of the subconscious by the awakening of the deep-rooted knots of frustration or a conflict. In terms of Freudian psychoanalysis, Jupiter should convey into the consciousness “the catharsis, releasing repressed instinctually charged memories in order to free the psyche and the body from neurotic fixations, thus bringing the suppressed energies to conscious awareness and expression”. In general, there should be a way to release the inner tension through conscious insights into the issue, with the enhanced potential of realizing the truth about ourselves. That is a sort of purification that should transform the tension into optimism, faith, hope and resultatively bring about the higher level of consciousness. The urge of 2012 in the first place.
Additionally, taking into consideration that Gemini represents mind but also multi-media, there may be some development in the form of exposing the truth about governing structures that may result in additional tension of the atmosphere of “rebellion in the air”. The key importance is to prevent potential outbursts of massive discontent by urging people of all structures to raise awareness of the important issues of human existence such as regaining faith in the era of twilight of religion Neptune in Pisces is due to recover. It seems that in minds of people there should be a heaven-sent guidance in order to restructure the figures on the global chess board in the years to come, with reference to Saturn transit through Scorpio.
Expansion of writings and writers, intellectuals, multi-media that Jupiter in Gemini is about to bring should establish new standards and criteria that are due to provide the higher accessibility of the truth so that it could make necessary changes, if not in the power-obsessed material world, on the spiritual level of self-improving individuals at least. That’s how the necessary change stands greater chance to be a progressive one.


In addition, the expansion on a level of communication should enhance the energetic metabolism between people on a massive level, bringing also more short-term travels and arousing motivation for continuing education or improvement on a professional as well as personal level. Altogether, raising standards and criteria of all the professional requirements or at least raising necessity brings about concerns on prospective outlook in a way that professional improvement i.e. education becomes burning issue in the times when raising awareness of environmental and existential matters come into the spotlight.


Starting from the 4th of October up to 30th of January 2013, Jupiter is going retrograde, making sure all the growing issues and tasks of raising awareness are being set into motion. Retrograde mode brings about some catching-up-to-do kind of development in the sense that overwhelmed minds take some time to pack all the pieces of the puzzle together, in accordance with the symbolism of Gemini that operates with vital information for the purposeful existence. Also, the initiated wave of expansion and understanding, namely all the things that we have started to be conscious of, that have come in a tide are now being exposed to a proper understanding, refering to all the psychodynamic issues of realization and liberation of inner frustration mentioned above. On the individual level. Globally, people are being challenged to fully grasp the truth about the world and themselves considering the recent development that has brought about so much, one has to put up with up to January, in order that proper attitude prevails. All the novelties and new enterprises that have set in motion some fresh activities may start to develop in a more concrete manner in this period i.e. we may finally tend to see the results of the efforts that we have been investing into our personal expansion since June. Whatever has been agreed is now being conveyed and put into practice.

Psychologically speaking, the issue of self-improvement is being put into effect in these several months, considering already initiated process since June. Metaphorically speaking, all the new softwares that we have obtained from various sides, we need to apply on our PCs in the months to come.


Mars in Scorpio

time for revival
time for revival
Starting from 23rd of August up to 7th of October, Mars will be transiting the sign of Scorpio.
Scorpio, as the natural sign of the 8th house represents essential insights,resources, basic energetic potential,libido, sexuality and power, regeneration and transformation,psychologically speaking, but also a research, massive inclination, large cash flows, business and the global economy, oil industry, world domination games and again power. The entrance of Mars should energize these issues in a way that they appear mostly in black and white paradigm, with a tendency of grasping the essence of the matters, aiming at bull’s eye with no compromise. We may as well feel as edgy as it takes to accomplish what we want, capable of taking risks as an instinctive drive, even if that is not in our nature. The powerful energy of Mars is pushing us ahead to make a breakthrough no matter what, we just feel powerful enough to do it. On the way to a battlefield and the ultimate fight of the year, we might as well inform ourselves how to handle it.

Regeneration – the first thing. Since Scorpio represents energetic resources i.e libido, as the basic psychological energy, and not just sexual, according to C.G. Jung, what seems to be the greatest positive influence of this transit might be filling up the reservoirs of the psyche in a way that it regenerates our basic power. It is already in the air, soon enough we should feel charged with energy enough to feel like shooting a gun, hitting a target…what’s more the centre of the target.Trigger happy as we might be, thinking more black and white than ususal and feeling in straits of the extremes, we might choose impulsively. However, those are winning impulses. Additionally, libido is empowered and sexual energy has somewhat stronger drive as well. As a result, general refreshment is what takes place, so make sure you have time for everything that brings you a recharge.
Essential insights – Scorpio is the sign of psychologists, researchers, mystics, warriors,detectives, spies and surgeons so that we all might as well feel a little bit like those. More than usual, that’s for sure. Basically, energizing Mars may convey the ultimate insights into areas of importance since Jupiter has entered Gemini in June. Namely, the focus of the year is bringing up into the consciousness all the inner nods, and potential conflicts and suppressed emotions from the past, all the tempered energy in people, depicted in Uranus-Pluto square for the purposes of self-awareness and self-improvement in the ideal image. However, these inner discontent already pulsing from within may outrageously burst into the public as the culmination of the year since Mars in Scorpio provides a channel for grasping things down to the bottom line as well as expressing it with no withholding but as a necessity or even urge. The ultimate path is moving downward to the essence of the issue and then upward to a sort of resurrection or liberation. The very energy of the Phoenix bird is the energy of Mars in Scorpio, that has the power to rise from ashes and bring life. Nothing livelier than Mars in Scorpio. They say that those full of death are full of life and only this position, as one of the most powerful positions of Mars, if not the most powerful one, may feel the “eros” and the will for life in such a degree that may arise from the dead. Psychologically, the essential insights into matters of relevant kinds visible in natal charts, may breed in a new life and resurrect the energy by purification, transformation of the general outlook on the issue. If something may be called miraculous in potential, than it is this position of Mars. For all the people that do believe in miracles, now is the time to make them.

Blue moon

turn on, tune in and drop out
turn on, tune in and drop out
Once in a blue moon, actually in 2.7 years, full moon turns out to be the 4th full moon in a season. This one 8 degrees Pisces is called “blue moon” for this very reason. Full moon generally empowers emotions, instincts, intuition and enriches psyche with special perception of the spiritual, nature and the invisible, thus providing a sensual experience depicted by the relevant house of zodiac. This one, the full Moon in Pisces would be ideal for reading “The Celestine Prophecy” for example or dealing with extrasensory experience of the spiritual that the very Pisces consider normal. Namely, Pisces empower senses and their sensitive point of view calls for awakening of psyche to the subtle vibrations and perceptions of the mind and body , thus noticing all the seemingly coincidental appearances or happenings around us, perceiving the subtle nuances and awaking the spirit to sensations that provide great inspiration. Pisces represent the sublime knowledge of all the previous signs and cherish wisdom that sooner or later finds its way to consciousness. Now is the time to wake up the senses and enjoy the “Glass Bead Game” of life as a synthesis of all the feelings and information, arts and sciences on the way to accomplishing a purpose and gaining the feeling of fulfillment. Time to “turn on, tune in and drop out”.

Venus in Leo – Wearing a Heart Like a Crown

Venus in Leo in the sky, needless to say royal exposure of the emotions and that velvet quality of a touch. Star-shine of the skin and natural inclination to luxurious, exuberant taste, for as long as it takes to feel special, about oneself as well as about the dear ones. Something glorious in the air, love in the anticipation of a victory. The conquest ahead. Or at least it seems. Highlighted moments of the partners that feel the warmth and the fulfillment, at least for the time being. Suddenly, we feel like doing something special for the significant one, delivering pleasure in somewhat more expressive and generous way, we make affirmations of all the good quality and neglect all the imperfections. It’s the time when nothing really matters, love is all we need, straight from the lion heart. Giving without wanting in return. Expensive gifts and fancy dating. First class treatment is what we need to feel good.
Along with Mars in Scorpio vibrations, the sparks of passion are twinkling before our eyes and everybody seems to be so special, particularly those that inspire our imagination. Theater may be the place to visit more often at this time of year, the urge for drama has to recompense the potential lack of excitement in love life, although we feel like we would so embark upon a romance, anticipating that something is about to lighten up our hearts. Suddenly, we tend to notice that the lady turns out to be such a drama queen, especially some time the end of the month. If we love, we seem to adore, if loved, we need to feel adored. We’re all shook up after turbulences of the unconscious trying to find the way, grasping the inner pressure of the anxiety that Jupiter in Gemini is bringing up to consciousness telling us that everything is going to be all right. So we revive grasping the big picture, making affirmations of the positive aspect of the issue and improving our status. Essentially, we tend to really feel the self-worth, grasping the true self from a perspective of a value, the value that we attach to ourselves. We feel worthy of the praise we get, we provide the same and feel like wearing our heart like a crown.

Saturn in Scorpio – Restructuring of Power

Scorpio is natural sign of the 8th house of Zodiac and the analogy is that all the energetic metabolism of existence is basically happening through it. The 8th house represents the basic energetic potential and libido, that is defined as overall psychological,not just sexual, energy, according to K.G.Jung. It is the area of energetic communication between people that is happening in the underlying matrix and that is a specific kind of battlefield where everything we do results in variations in its capacity. Consequently this accumulated amount of energy directly reflects on the financial status i.e. the amount of money that we are capable of obtaining. It is naturally designed process of financial accomplishment due to the natural capability and the energetic capacity of the individual. The 8th house is area of which the ultimate expression in Chinese astrology is represented as the sign of Dragon, denoting altogetherness of nature and universality of human performance that unifies all the skills into a unique power that could be described as omnipotence or omniscience. The entrance of Saturn into the sign of Scorpio that naturally rules this process, signifies the urge for restructuring and control of power on a massive level, psychologically and actually. The ultimate aim of this 2.5-year-transit is learning the lesson of self-control and self-governance for the sake of preservation of our natural and actual power as well as governance of our natural and actual assets. The people with natural Saturn in Scorpio or 8th house, naturally possess the talent for control of one’s own energy and power. They have the natural ability preserve themselves somewhere deep inside and operate with the minimum of energy they allow themselves to invest into matters of relevance. However, it seems that they always possess more than they feel is on their disposal. The lesson this time is exactly to learn to manage one’s own energy from the perspective of wisdom for the sake of well-being and all the modern techniques of energetic self-regulation aim at self-solvent energetic capacity that is the base of a fulfilled life, in accordance to the Holistic principle. All this should result in financial state of well-being in the times of not only financial but energetic crisis, in the world where energy and information are the most expensive goods. Sexuality, as a modus of preservance of health and power gets into spotlight, demanding a conscious outlook on the issue and setting up of the rules one has to obey in order to have good quality of sexual life. Potential sexual disfunction on a more massive level due to discharged energetic power of the 8th house i.e. basic energetic reservoir of the psyche, may be issues to consider with enhanced attention and all the new-age techniques of self-preservation may come into spotlight and draw even more people that need a helping hand. Globally, the issue of restructuring of power, psychologically and actually in the following 2.5 years, implies to the necessity of imposing control over all these issues on both the individual and collective level. Cultures such as Israel or Japan, may be largely challenged to deal with these issues that may result in some particular approach or even new theories or new attitude. It is some sort of Karma, that’s for sure, with the necessity of reconsidering the matter of power restructuring, psychologically along with growing tendencies of self-improvement urge and actually in the sense of financial well-being.
Large turmoils within a psyche on the individual as well as on a massive level, represented by Uranus-Pluto square that require close attention by all means of self-improvement techniques, guided by Jupiter in Gemini, in charge for raising personal awareness, are altogether a new challenge of mankind to overcome all inner frustrations and pressure, starting from self-brooding and coping with all the fears, complexes or prejudice on the way to liberation. That is a first thing on to-do list and the only way of accomplishing fulfillment and control over one’s own life, represented by upcoming Saturn in Scorpio, because only when one learns to govern one’s own assets and resources, psychologically and actually, becomes capable of controlling one’s own life. On a more massive level, the urge for restructuring and control of energy may lead to new set of rules, new frames of mind control or resources exploitation. In one word – restructuring of power.
Namely, all concepts of power are coming into the spotlight in a way that the truth known by Scorpios that true power lies in the knowledge and wisdom, should motivate people to grasp the inner truth about themselves ,on the individual level, by raising personal awareness on the issues of vital importance for survival. It takes a conscious effort to awaken the inner forces of Eros, as the most powerful force of vital importance, and thus make affirmations of creativity and good versus the forces of tanatos and destruction. There is a thin line in the natural drive of Scorpio between the two, so that instead of natural forces running unbound, the control of personal power and the urge for gaining wisdom that is being born due to the healthiest fear ever and that is a fear of God, is the issue to deal with in the years to come. The true freedom is in respecting the rules one sets for oneself and the freedom of spirit and will is a gift from God. Why not make it real.