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Mercury conjunct Neptune

Mercury conjunct Neptune – If you don’t get the game you ain’t gonna play like a winner. Now that Mercury is with Neptune figure out the chess board for you might actually become a player, For all the chess players out there music is a perfect way of playing the right game, Think before you strike the note. C minor would be right pitch. The key for everything. 

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Moon trine Saturn – Reality Check


Moon trine Saturn – Reality Check

People would do anything to prevent their illusions for they sometimes justify their ego, past or ongoing wrong choices or soothe their fears. Full Moon in Libra trine Saturn calls for reality check now that Mercury is with Neptune. Remember, the truth is always obvious you just have to wake up to see it. For all the misconception there is a great charge of Saturn i.e reality and karma payoff. Now that Neptune is lullying you into the  web of sophisticated illusions try to establish the truth for you have to pass Reality Check.

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Moon in Libra – Balance


Moon in Libra today brings in balance, harmony and peace with oneself. Libra is the most graceful of all signs and knows the wisdom of life Acceptance of the Higher Power as the best possible guidance. The Art of diplomacy, grace and sophistication brings about any solution. Beauty on all the little things and love for all mankind. Whatever you do today make it greaceful with all the gratitude for everything we have got. It is of God’s Grace. Yes, sir we believe in it. It’s the Acceptance of life. It’s supreme Wisdom. It’s Victory. It’s Balance.

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North Node in Gemini – Catch up With Yourself


The position of North Node in Gemini reflects the Karmic duty for the time being. Regarding the symbolism of Gemini it calls for understanding, picking up the pieces of the puzzle together, gaining information, updating the knowledge, expressing oneself by means of communication, writing, creativity, multimedia thus improving your business as well as your state of mind. The point with this North Node would be to integrate the shadow playing within the famous duality of Gemini thus catching up with one’s own frame of the game. It would be of the utmost importance to figure out the right information, to set up the right mind and realize the unconscious vs conscious layout of your game. The real challenge would be to comprehend the potential inconsistencies and re-eamine one’s own choices for the sake of the arrival to the ultimate aim. If not already established, it would be the great time to realize your ultimate aim as for it essentially is. The shadow playing calls for integration into consciousness for the sake of accomplishing the perfect health and one’s own ambitions. Most importantly, think about yourself and integrate the shadow into a realistic perspective by means of understanding true motives, needs and ambitions. You would have to be true to your soul, heart and mind to do so. Gemini posses the quality of objectivity so make sure you objectively comprehend your own position in the world. The point would be improving the business prospect and happiness by improving oneself and it requires just a little thinking through. Whatever you strive to accomplish now would be a great time for catching up with yourself.


Venus in Aquarius – Alice in Wonderland


Now that Venus turns into Aquarius is the exciting new playground for everybody who likes to be always and never the same. It is the time for exhibitionism, extravaganza with respect to all the whimsical impulses driving you to live to the fullest all of your individualistic, capricious desires and emotions thus having the wonderland of your own. I want it all and I want it now. Feel free to play with the white rabbit yet keep in mind it is a game you win when you solve the puzzle of yourself. Everything might seems to be elusive or extraordinary, your shape-shifting would be the exciting ride into a new world of creativity and wisdom whereupon days of glory will be waiting for you if you play your cards right. That dream might as well be very real for it is the only reality you have right now and forever after so dream awake and realize how important it is to intergrate it into one star of your soul. Now that everything is allowed and possible, play safe and remember not to be afraid for everything is just a pack of cards. All you have to do is have an Ace. Life tastes a little bit like Alice in Wonderland. Have fun!


Aquarius time – We just want to be Free


Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter , Saturn all packed in Aquarius. Well needless to say babies just want to be free. In the era of relativity of all the concepts, all the systems there are, one thing is for sure – we’ve come a long way and we know what’s best for us yet we face the  distortion of God’s idea and the shift of black and white, misplaced thesis and world’s turnover into a sort of a shake-up of everything we know and everything we believe within deliberately provoked chaos that lead us to the edge of common sense. It is a  sort of an endurance test yet the establishment of built-up civilization has got proven and checked standards to discard the utopistic disguise and diabolic manipulation. Fear, complexes, fixations, prejudice now need to be cleared and peace and love restored yet only through Faith in God and intensive self-improvement. We want our lives back. It  seems to me as if history repeating whereupon it will come to the lyrics of the song – They fought the Law and the Law won.  The Law is God. We will just have to choose a side and keep safe and sound until that happens. Meanwhile we guard our dream of Freedom. One day it will be a reality. Freedom comes from within. We just want to be free. 



Jupiter in Aquarius – God is a Frequency


In the era of Jupiter in Aquarius everything is a frequency and energy vibration . The most important frequency is frequency of Truth. Elevate the mind, Jupiter will endow you with purity and blessing. Only with God everything is possible. Jupiter rewards purity of soul, heart and mind that reflects in the material world. Let the stars shine for you.  Only people who don’t respect the stars are not worth the glow. We live in Biblical time and all you have to do is choose the right path. Jupiter will work for you and you will find your way. You will know the Truth. All you have to do is Pray and Play. 

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