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Mercury in Cancer – Bold Words

Self-maintenance would be of the utmost importance and thus managing your wordy rappinghood for the sake of salvation. Let your words be your guardian angel not your expenditure. Cash in to cash out. Speak your truth but first face it. Save yourself! 

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Venus in Gemini – Playing for the Sake of the Game


Venus in Gemini basically invemted gaming. After learning all the rules of the game like a pro  you might as well be entitled to break them like the artist. Keep in mind, love actually  makes you a player. Even in the true love scenario your call would be to play by the rules with respect to your own individuality, principles od self-love and self-respect. Essentially it all is being rooted in one’s own sense of values. Realizing one’s own worth breeds the self-love whereupon the self-love ultimately emanates from. That would be the base of a healthy individuality. There is an eternal battle between sexes that is completely natural and only in the true love scenario filled with unconditional love males and females might actually be best friends. However Venus in Gemini always reminds us of the importance of the game with the respect to the set-up mind-set that controls the outcome. You gotta know what you are doing and you have to know your game for the sake of reaxhing happiness. Venus in Gemini reminds us of the beauty od playing dor the sake of the game.

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Neptune in Pisces – The Mystery


God moves in myaterious ways and you might say that Guardian of that mystery would be Neptune itself hidden in the pearl of wisdom far away from human reach. Neptune in Pisces is essentially coming home to where it keeps the dream of human existance alive and lifting it up to the stars. Highly sopshisticated vibration of Neprune shapes up the higher mind however in conflict with outer planets might imply to various repercussions and perverson of dream in its purity and glow.

The ongoing pandemic is basically described by Neptune in the opposition with the fixed star Denebola that has its peak in May up to August with the tendency to repeat in spring next year only to pass next summer. 

It would be of the utmost importannce to keep the dream alive for the dream is the reality of the soul, guard the pearl of wisdom and awaken the Faith eegardless of any religion as the most sacred part pf human being. It’s where God connects us to the universal source and the light of heavens. As God would say to Pisces, “collect your tears for me for I will bring you a reward of wisdom and you will know my ways” . Meanwhile Neptune will guard the Mystery.

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New Moon in Gemini – Sounds like a Plan





New Moon in Gemini – Siunds like a Plan

Today 23rd May the New Moon in Gemini brings great vibes and mental stimulation for good decision making. They say ceeativity is intelligence having fun and now would be the time to play safe and smart like all Gemini do entertaining with good decisions that might reach far long term in the furure. Whatever you choose to do tiday sounds like a great plan and it might make you travel a long way. If you take life lightly as all Gemini do engaging intelligence to play on your playgorund, the decisions you bring about today will bring success. Get up and drive your funky soul!

Retro Jupiter – The Right Mind

As from 14th May up to 12th September Retro Jupiter is calling for redefining the right choices and establishing the right mind, with respect to black and white paradigm as well as making the right choices in the frame of colliding worlds of classical vs modern values. Now is the time to choose a side, unite the opposite worlds into functional modus vivendi thus passing through a unique checking-up point of essentially having the right mind to survive. The unique kind of test should reveal whether we are able to distinguish lies from the truth  and whether we are ready to face the truth about ourselves on our way to salvation. It tackles the belief systems, education,  incorporation of classical values into a modern world view thus building the right frame of mind and getting on top of the game. Expanding consciousness through comprehending  the higher realms of our lives should enable us to find the Faith. By realizing what is most important in our lives the lesson would be deciding what is right to do under circumstances and establishing the right mind on your way to the top.

Retro Saturn – Find Your Purpose


Starting from 11th May up to 29th September it’s time to rethink and re-strategize your game layout with respect to the most important motivational power and that is finding Purpose. By means of the extensive self-improvement thus liberating from fears, complexes, prejudice, karma burden of past experience, it is the time to reconsider the plan, shape up the character and establish the Purpose thus accomplishing universality as the new world standard through unification of classical vs modern values and embracing the freedom to govern your own life. It is a sort of a check-up point or a test in the big picture of world cross-examination  for the sake of proving sustainability of the system of thinking whereupon all the systems are being faced with the same challenge. Define your mind-set through re-thinking the past for the sake of finding Purpose.

Retro Venus – Lessons of Love

13th May up to 25th June Venus is in Retro mode. We’re all taking a step back in the game for the sake of learning valuable lessons of love, picking up the pieces in the puzzle of our love life and finding the one special somebody we’re actually in the game with or at least we will be. Build your criteria, face your own heart and recognize the test you have to pass on the way to true love scenario of your life. Learn from the past, think through your relationships and discover where your heart is truly at.  Realize the frame of the game and make your moves that will make you a winner in your love life for love makes you a player but only after learning the lessons of love.

Mars in Pisces – Warrior in Tears

Rest but don’t give up! In the month to come your battle for a good cause is worth fighting for with endless tears that wash your soul for the sake of ultimately finding Purpose. Along with Saturn Retrograde, establishing the  Purpose in life has to be done in good Faith of Pisces. You should find your faith worth the battle of your life. In this frame of time we’re warriors in tears.

Supermoon in Virgo – Self-Maintenance


Supermoon in Virgo occurs exactly on 20 degrees of Virgo on the fixed star Denebola in the constellation of Leo namely on Lion’s tail and that very fixed star within the existing opposition with Neptune traditionally brings the occurrence of various forms of infectous disease. The outspreading of Corona Virus seems to be within the description of the opposition of Neptune with the fixed star Denebola describing the massive infectous disease on 18 degrees of Pisces that basically seems to be rather ominous since it is 2 degrees from the exact opposition. Needless to say that precautions would be the imperative as well as strengthening the immune system, however within the present constellations with Neptune in opposition with Denebola fixed star is a sign of massive ongoing outbreak of Corona Virus . The only question would be what will happen in May when Neptune gets to the exact opposition with Denebola when we can expect the culmination yet the influence is rather apparent in the two-three degrees tolerance. Neptune will be on the very 20 degrees exactly op[posed Denebola until August whereupon in retro mode until  this time next year when it will be on 20 degrees again only to pass the dangerous opposition next year in summer. Neptune is the planet that signifies infectious disease in difficult positions with planets and stars and within this frame of constellations doesn’t seem to be accidental. Almost all natal and solar charts have difficult Aspects of Neptune as the sign of ongoing danger of Covid 19. What will actually happen during the course of 2020 and until summer 2021 when the opposition finishes is yet to be seen. The conjunction of Saturn -Pluto is only increasing the death rate and represents the danger and disruption of the world as we know it, it also represents the karma cycle on the planet where pathology of Pluto inevitably destroys and rebuilds our world.