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Jupiter in Sagittarius – Blessed are the Wise


Jupiter has just commenced the transit through Sagittarius and in the following year time the world stands a challenge to raise the level of comprehension, draw the moral of the story within this global Babylon narrative and ultimately gain wisdom for the sake of finding the Saving Grace. This time around the little philosopher in every single one of us has something to say for the sake of improvement of the way of life, general perspective and the world in desperate need for consolation. Everybody who seeks after an explanation, the reasons and answers to burning questions will be challenged to look into the heart of the matter from the perspective of higher wisdom. For the sake of articulation of gained experience in the twelve-year-cycle there lies the challenge of acquiring proper education thus tracking the reliable source and ultimately getting back to Bible in the quest for the Holy Grail. The treasury of wisdom – The Holy Grail is exactly what you might discover this year, or at least you will be called forth to do so, for the sake of finding your own Saving Grace in the battlefield of life. Now is the time to face your own conscience and tackle the ethical dimension of your very existence thus finding the moral of your own story.  It is your choice whether to take this unavoidable step towards your own salvation or not, in the light of the development that will surely categorize you in the times to come. Mind you that the world is being exposed to the extremes of ongoing tendencies whereupon only one way is the right way. It is your choice whether to do what is right or not.

This kind of “spiritual disposition” whereupon you might find a consolation, explanation, resolution if you will should expand the horizons, awaken the “higher self”, raise awareness on the spiritual well-being and the importance of the spiritual maintenance of the mankind. At least for this year around the establishments of the roots of the intellectual elite are being called to provide the directions and the knowledge indispensable in the quest for a better world. The essential inversion on a massive scale that has reversed the traditional values and the way of the world might polarize the extremes to a measure of Biblical proportion whereupon the “wise” will be blessed enough to  witness the signs of the times through science, art and culture as ambassadors of universal values and ultimately guide the righteous part of the humanity towards personal wisdom while the rest of the world will be challenged to improve, educate and liberate from snares of the shadow. This Jupiter in Sagittarius will uplift the spiritual existence of humanity for the sake of raising awareness on the importance of awakening from the shadow of the dark unconscious that drowns the very principles of reason in the contemporary world until it is being enlightened. This time around only those who seek wisdom might stand the chance of being blessed and enjoy the benefits of Jupiter – the Godly influence in people. It seems that the only way to save the world would be to save yourself from your own shadow and this particular transit will challenge you to do so, being the sheer evidence of God’s faith into people in the world where people lose faith in God Himself. With this transit the Gracious are the wise.

This transit might reveal how far you have roamed from The Truth and whether you have been disillusioned and sobered in the reality of your life.  You might be challenged to face the truth with the incoming new information or you might be forced by the circumstances to be true to yourself and wake up from the comforting self-deception, you will be altogether altogether called up to do.  The precious Truth might provide the direction to go, the resolution or a comfort.

Entangled in your personal battles, you will be challenged to understand your situation from a higher perspective and make necessary affirmations of your own conscientious lectures resulting from your own experience. If you face your conscience you will find the wisdom that will represent the light at the end of the tunnel of your life as a sign that God has not given up on you. Ask yourself whether you have done the right thing, whether your motives are pure, whether you deserve what you wish for, whether you are being honest with yourself. Ask yourself whether you  might educate for what you want to become, whether you do what you should for what you want to accomplish, whether you are being true to yourself. Ask yourself what has put you where you are now, who you have become and what you can do to become who you want to be. Ask yourself what is your lesson and where your place is. If not, you will probably see yourself running in circles until you decide to do so. This transit is the chance to make things right and earn the God’s Grace in doing so but only through honest consideration of your motives, deeds and intentions. Mind the prize since this time around The Blessed are the Wise.




Retro Venus in Scorpio – Living on the Edge

Edgy, manipulative, truth-seeking, extreme, rolling-in-the deep Scorpio might spice up your love life as well as your creativity and values into a rollercoaster of drastic, radical impulses that altogether shake up the system of values as well as your love life thus pushing it to the extremes. In the light of the recent direct mode of Pluto, now would be the time to draw the bottom line and summon up the resources on the battle-ground where you might be called upon to win the ultimate battle of energetic survival. For the next forty days you might have the feeling that love is a battlefield where the libido as the overall psychological energy, according to K.G.Jung, is at stake. The challenge would be diving in beneath the surface and grasping the truth about oneself as well as the world thus clarifying one’s own shadow instead of chasing it. You might find yourself in the middle of some Fight Club movie whereupon you might be challenged to face your own truth of the heart and overcome the inner conflict that is being projected into your love life. It is your personal power at stake. Living on the edge.

You might feel charged with high emotional voltage , aroused sexuality and tension so that you might experience outbursts of passion that may be varying between the extremes of ultimate love up to the greatest animosity. Emotionally trigger-happy and impulsive you might feel you are being driven by emotions more than usual thus fiercely expressing overwhelming blows of passion in the way you could regret later.  Edgy and dramatic more than usual, the emotional experience might seem to be life-and-death issue with the uncompromising attitude in the intimate relations.  All seems to be black or white, you might feel you want it all or nothing, the taste is somewhat bittersweet, it hurts but you are loving it. There is a call for transformation of the approach to the loved one or relevant people, for purification through burnout of extreme emotions that lead you to overcome the old patterns, to destroy and re-create. You might have the feeling that you have had enough, that you are fed up. Sick and tired. Cutting edge emotion, definite decisions, radical change. What has to be the result of the turmoil of this rolling in the deep is the emotional rebirth. Coming clean in all relations with people is the way to go.  It seems like moving within the extremes of impulses provides the essential insight into the affairs of importance and there comes the truth as the bottom line.

This retro mode of Venus is a step back in the game enough to realize the truth about yourself as well as of the people that have taken part in your love life as well as your life in general and shaped up the reality of your situation sometime in the past. The real challenge is to grasp the essentials , to surgically cut through the Gordian Knot and to set free from entanglements thus moving forward with clean slate thus putting everybody to their own place. Mind you, Scorpio is a natural researcher who strives for knowledge and wisdom thus putting people to various tests in order to reveal the truth about everything.  By taking a step back in the game, you might realize it was a sheer test after all whereupon they all showed their own true self and you have got all the answers it takes for you to be happy. Go on, make a breakthrough above the manipulation and vengeance and try to overcome the clinch by grasping the big picture and move on towards the equilibrium of your own happiness.  Scorpio rising above the basic instincts and soaring into the heights of the spirit in the realms of Eagle is exactly a hero who is perfectly capable of reaching the Almighty Truth enough to realize the Life Purpose. Through the re-establishment of the system of values to guide you, you might ultimately define the priorities in the seemingly black-and-white world where you are being called upon to choose a side and do a heroic act of taking an attitude of a Holy Warrior.

What might come naturally is the revelation time by raising awareness on motivation of your own as well of the people in your life, along with a major conclusion subsided by the facts you should update yourself with. It might prove being hard to win your own freedom from various influences, however this retro mode of Venus might draw you back to a point where your battlefield evolved from whereupon you might realize it is a matter of the right frame of mind enough to walk away from it. You might find out it would be the best war strategy to leave all your enemies eat each other up  and down to the bone whereupon you leave the stage with all the answers all but for yourself enough to be happy with yourself in case you have played your cards right. If not get used to Living on the Edge.


Solar Eclipse in Leo – Identity Check

The Solar Eclipse in Leo today is basically an urge for adjustment and tuning in to a new age that has its own demands and mostly tackles your sense of identity and independence.

The prevailing massage of this Eclipse would be that essentially you make that necessary affirmation of your own identity through what you do for a living due to the position of Saturn in the natural 6th house that seeks the saturation of your life’s purpose through your contribution to the community.

In case you might get a feeling of identity crisis in the following six months, you would have to answer yourself the most important questions such as “who am I”, “what do I want” and “what am I actually doing to get it” thus defining your ultimate goal in life as well as profiling your own sense of identity, your backbone of personality and your life purpose.

Bear in mind that your life choices define your own reality and make your world go around and it all emanates from self-awareness, self-love and self-respect that stem from the essential sense of self-worth. You are being challenged to realize your own sense of self-worth through establishing your set of values within the frame of new age demands. The most important lesson on the way is guarding the basic human dignity through some sort of a service to a community whereupon you are required to find purpose.

You have to be who you are after all and after so many life digressions you eventually get to a starting point unless you have your essential sense of identity firmly established in your consciousness. and generally you cannot run from yourself for who you are and what you do, being the best version of yourself through the necessity of constant personal and professional self-improvement up to a point of becoming a pro and finding ultimate higher  purpose in what you do for a living.

Now you are called upon to tune in to the new world of Uranus in Taurus that tackles the question of financial independence and universal values of the new age on your way to personal freedom that is now being an imperative in the times when you have to fully and exclusively rely on yourself. As the matter of fact, you decide who you are and you define your own choices you are responsible for that create your reality. Therefore this Eclipse raises awareness on your own choices that ultimately create your destiny.

This Eclipse might tackle the issues of your heart stimulating you to think about what you personally need to be happy and to fulfil your own heart through all those things you do for yourself every day. You might realize you are being individually responsible for your own sense of happiness through the set of habits you do every day that essentially create your behavior and ultimately form your character. In psychological terms character is the base of individual so called “destiny”. What you might realize if you look into a rear view mirror of your past in the light of the retrograde Mercury is your own responsibility for your past actions that has (or not) prevented you from being happy.

You might as well reach out and catch up with the truth of your heart from a while ago thus awakening the question if you have made the right turn some time in the past and found happiness or if you have demonstrated self-love, self-awareness or dignity enough to earn it. The Eclipse might also enforce you to question your choices regarding what you do for a living that saturates your sense of identity, self-respect and self-love and how that relates with the past of your personal and professional personal development. You might be called upon to make major decisions in the direction of your own self-improvement and personal realization.

You decide who you are, you decide what you want thus establishing a life goals in compliance with the new age of financial independence and self-sufficiency and self-reliability through universal values that have set perfection as the global standard a long time ago. The sense of unity and oneness with the world, yet being called upon to show your face on the world stage whereupon the  ingenious  Andy Warhol – the very Leo used to forese and that is – everybody being famous for 15 minutes sometime in the future – is clearly taking over and everybody is getting into the spotlight for who they are and what they have to offer to the world:

What takes for you to fully realize your own potential, make the right choices and find happiness is at this point the stage of a sort of Identity Check.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Freedom is not Free


The upcoming Eclipse in Aquarius on 27th July is a rare phenomenon in the sky since it represents the longest Eclipse in the Century. The impact that is going to provoke in the psyche might tackle the questions of personal freedom, independence, financial stability,  individual plans, aspirations, the feedback we get for everything we provide to the world, intimate cravings for love, attention and applause as well as the area of friendships and personal relations. What we do for that matter and how it reflects on people’s lives might depend on how intelligent you are to overcome the situation of the “blind spot” while looking at the rear view mirror of your life along with all the retro planets that prevent you from driving down the freeway safely on your way to making your dreams come true.  If you find yourself in the middle of a stressful situation, make sure you inform yourself thoroughly for the sake of clearing up the area and eventually getting what you want at no personal cost since this very Eclipse’s repercussions that are going to last for the next 6 months might remind you that “Freedom is not Free”.

The recent transition of Uranus into Taurus, that represents the sign of planet Earth might as well announce the beginning of the Age of Aquarius whereupon the individual freedom and personal independence represent the most important issue people crave for all around the world. On a massive scale the urge for independence is all so very prevailing in a way that new age demands require self-sustainability , self-reliability and self-sufficiency. We live in the era of selfies and the very position of Uranus in Taurus emphasized exactly the personal ownership, personal gain, personal independence and individual freedom. Requirements of the new age! However, only with respect to universal standards, global issues, environmental protection, the liberation from racial and gender prejudice, personal development and intensive self-improvement that liberates from underlying fear no longer of use. Now, the new challenge is “The Sun in your Eyes” and the new memes show dancing alien instead of the Statue of Liberty. Tune in and dance your way to the Age of Aquarius.

The very Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius occurs exactly in the Square with Uranus in Taurus conjoined with the planet Mars in the opposition with the Sun in Leo.  Mind you, that with the seeming transition of the fixed star Regulus, “the Heart of a Lion” into the sign of Virgo the civilization of the planet Earth is making a transition from the “old ego” to the “new ego” centrism. The accent is on awakening of the new man from the egg of 21st century just like on Salvador Dali’s painting, the man who is called upon to work for the community with respect to all the contemporary demands such as overcoming boundaries, but uniting in the quest for progress, self-improvement, salvation on a massive scale by protecting environment, overcoming gender, racial and other prejudice, freeing the mind from fear, complexes, fixations, suppressed emotions, difficult experiences through so many contemporary spiritual techniques such as yoga, reconnection, theta healing for the sake of improving health, everyday life and acquiring new healthy habits.

The very Eclipse position is close to the planet Mars in the Square with Uranus and opposition with Sun and it might test your intelligence in working out the best way in overcoming “the blind spot” situation in your rear view mirror of past in the light of so many retro planets thus stimulating you to drive safely in the process of awakening of the new man. You might feel edgy, impulsive, angry, instinctive, domineering being provoked by the potential conflicting tendencies but instead make sure you actually have all the information you need, clarify the misunderstanding, seek for what has been hidden from you, try to see the situation clearly, objectify, update your data base with all the news and events that have taken place before you actually make a hasty decision and find yourself within the “Sound and the Fury” scenario, that is very likely to happen.

Retro Neptune is calling  for disillusioning from vast network of lies and trickery in trine with Jupiter that shines the light of truth thus  justifying all your investments and bringing about revelations that are actually working in your favor if you are capable of handling the truth.

Every Eclipse brings the change of the trend so if you have been obsessed with how much you get, whether finances, love, attention, appreciation or any kind of feedback you think you deseerve, you might eventually realize you are actually getting more than it seems or you might finally obtain a sort of reward for all the invested efforts and vice versa if you have been convinced that you have been getting what you want, you might eventually realize you lack the feedback that you essentially want, all being caused by some change of trend, a trugger event that might provoke an impulsive reaction or an upheaval.

Anyhow, you might be challenged to cut loose from the entanglements relating your social background, business associates, love partnerships, friends thus being challenged to re-examine your plans, aspirations, business enterprises or simply make sure you avoid the financial loss due to the misunderstanding, complicated relations that you haven’t informed yourself thoroughly about that might provoke you to react impulsively or argumentatively. At   best, the position of Saturn in Capricorn provides a chance, meaning that with a good strategy and the right moves along with a successful update in order to avoid the “blind spot”, you might actually turn out to be a winner and successfully cash in everything that Jupiter in Scorpio is turning into a business, on your way to your own independence and freedom.

Namely, the position of Jupiter in Scorpio is currently offering the chance to make peace with your enemies by simply doing business with them whereupon you should find the mutual interest Saturn in Capricorn i.e. smart play might wisely turn out to be a good financial income.

In the psychodynamics this Eclipse might turn out to be a sort of turmoil in the next 6 months whereupon you should avoid being way too domineering or impulsive but you should try to be pragmatic and sensible and try to come up with a good strategy in securing your own freedom of action, personal gain, individual ownership. In the sense of apprehending and incorporating the real values into your own life, this Eclipse might trigger a sort of catharsis or a breakthrough if you manage to free your mind from self-imposed limitations, if you gather all the information you need, if you adjust to the universal standards and global criteria of the new age. The quest for personal independence and freedom as the demand of the contemporary age does not have to come at any personal cost if you clear your head, self-improve from fear, prejudice or complexes, purify the suppressed emotions and face your own heart and soul with what you really feel and desire. It is how you will manage to harmonize all your relationships and personal relations and establish healthy partnerships. You yourself hold the keys to your own individual freedom, this Eclipse might just remind you that it takes a personal investment into personal development and self-improvement to avoid the traps and live a healthy, successful, happy life. It takes securing your own assets, being productive, adjusting to the new times, realizing new age demands and applying them in your own business in order to gain financial independence. It takes a hard work with respect to most important assets i.e. energy and information. Arm yourself with both and keep investing in yourself, but also show gratitude for everything you have won.  Fight for your own self-realization. Work for your own freedom because Freedom is not Free.A

Neptune Retrograde – Bubble Time


Neptune is considered to be the heightened vibration of Venus, however representing the realms of Poseidon influences the higher frequency of the soul thus putting dreams in the center of attention.

Higher perception of one’s own reality soon enough turns into moodiness and tranquility thus awakening the higher mind and the sophisticated comprehension of one’s own soul that now undergoes the transition into the world of subtle nuances transcending the practical everyday life. It is the time of re-examining the overall perception of reality thus shattering illusions or wishful thinking that has led you to a potential labyrinth of interpersonal relations. Neptune will demand facing one’s own dreams and self-awareness thus heightening the understanding of one’s own true self. It is a good time for creativity and the realization of projects that require the investment of talents, intuition, emotion and higher mind. Life might bring you back to a point where you have to understand things properly, see through lies and deceit, shatter illusions and put things right and this may come to you as a sort of awakening the spirit and hopefully setting free from self-restraint.

What you say to yourself on a daily basis is being defined by your understanding of the current state of affairs as well as your own true self. Neptune might tackle this issue for the sake of getting the right frame of mind and realizing your own dreams. The best thing you can get out of this transit is to create a bubble resistant to all the influences from the outside thus making your own world count the most where you might feel comfortable, safe and tranquil. Brooding over the forgotten parts of the soul that now might seek the fulfillment and overall emotion sleeping in your heart might eventually become conscious. Generally, raising awareness on your own soul, heart, dreams might be the fruit of this transit. Enjoy yourself and never stop reaching out for the truth thus allowing the higher guidance of faith to show you the light at the end of the tunnel– Its Bubble Time.

Uranus in Taurus – Awakening of the Soul


Starting from 15th May we are witnessing the transition of Uranus into the sign of Taurus for the next seven years whereupon there comes the new era for the planet Earth with slightly raised frequency and higher vibration for the sake of overcoming the old patterns of Taurus within the scope of tradition, realistic perception, values, sense of ownership, financial and material well-being.

Namely, it is considered the planet Earth is in the sign of Taurus and thus this transit brings the new vibration on Earth of higher intelligence and higher state of consciousness for the sake of finding the ways of protecting the nature, managing utilities, awakening of the higher mind for the sake of accomplishing universal standards of evaluation as the basic criteria in all earthly matters. It would be nice to see how discoveries of potential alien life may take the spotlight or just the technological-scientific breakthroughs might just reach the highly intelligent performance for the sake of simplifying the everyday life.

Whether the robotization, crypto-currency, digitalization, improvements within the area of financial transactions, real-estate issues, state-of –the-art technological discoveries within the area of managing resources of the planet, preservation of nature or its improved exploitation with cutting edge technology, genetic engineering, GMO food processing or exploration of space and galaxies it would most certainly influence the mind, higher frequencies of human perception, improvements within the system of values thus raising awareness on personal ownership in the sense of spiritual vs material gain. This being the manifestation of higher intelligence it is meant to be the way towards accomplishment of more comfortable and enjoyable life on one hand but as well the awakening the higher mind for the sake of accomplishing one’s own individuality. Generally, the Earth raises frequency and everybody should put an effort in keeping up the pace with new consciousness that requires agility and cultivated instinct in the world that is speeding up the motion of everyday life.

Overcoming boundaries, awakening from the shadow or expanding consciousness this would be the high time to free your mind, raise awareness on the importance of the individual freedom and self-governing for the sake of personal salvation. It is of the utmost importance to work out your own life issues for the sake of self-improvement by means of liberation from fear, racial or gender or any kind of prejudice,  personal complexes and thus clear the subconscious mind of the suppressed, accumulated experience of energetic burden that is no longer of use. The new time is coming whereupon it would be imperative to fix your own psychological issues for the sake of being able to govern one’s own life and attain freedom. If you don’t live your own dream, you will live someone else’s and what it takes to be individual enough to accomplish your own dream would be exactly  your own responsibility to comprehend your own individuality of purified shadow with respect to establishing the system of values tuned in to demands of the new time.

What is being offered is the new set of principles that overcomes religion and old concepts of belief systems, however mind you, God writes in the names of the saved ones in the Book of Life despite the new tendencies and make sure your name is in it.

What might tackle the massive population is the necessity of awakening from the instinctive, impartial convictions along with the set of prejudice, ego-centered cravings, deep-rooted complexes, will for power, masculine protest or various forms of demonstration of projected unresolved issues onto the world that undergoes the karma on governing entities and establishments thus challenging all the systems of thinking for the sake of finding resolution for improvements of life and salvation of mankind. This world will be saved by professionals only, so what people on a massive scale can do is exactly start with oneself and work out the way through personal and professional self-improvement in the quest for better life. By striving to be the best possible individual with regard to individual well-being that requires purification of shadow, awakening and self-improvement it would be the only way to find your expectations of good life fairly justified and your success long-lasting.

Uranus in Taurus might tackle those issues from the perspective of values and instigate the liberation from all the boundaries whatsoever however only through raising consciousness on the importance of tradition as a solid base for the upgrade of the state of mind in the sense of open mind, self-awareness and personal responsibility for one’s own well-being. The new age tendencies of unification of the world based on the universal principles allows the people to overcome conflicts as within oneself as well as within the society with the imperative of enabling every individual to create one’s own path towards success and happiness and providing enough freedom to do so with respect to one’s own sense of identity. We are citizens of the world God has offered salvation to and the salvation is free and is just a matter of choice. Spiritual empowerment through various new age techniques of energy sustainability and progress such as yoga, hypnotherapy, reconnection, theta healing,  in order to accomplish the peace of mind is also within the symbolism of this transit that requires dedication and conscious effort for the sake of attaining well-being and creating the bullet-proof aura of energetic habitus. Mind you, the healthy society depends on a healthy individual and the importance of what you intake within the scope of Taurus is a matter of self-awareness of one’s own responsibility for one’s own health, spiritually and physically. Mind you, whatever you intake spiritually or physiologically is what you have to accept consequences for in all the aspects of life. Uranus might awaken the necessity of connecting to Mother Earth for the sake of nurturing with good energy and the milk of nature so that spending time outside might be of the utmost importance as well as connecting to the roots, the ground, soil that vibrates in compliance with the soul. Also, the higher frequency of Earth might stimulate the awakening and the very connection with nature might prove to be uplifting and nurturing energetically stronger than before.

The new contemporary tendencies in the realms of Art might also be the subject to improvements and discoveries that might reveal beauty and enrich the soul with new insights and revelations.

Consequently, with all this mentioned above, the very sense of ownership would be directly in compliance with and with respect to all those investments made for the sake of the spiritual, energetic or material gain.  The very sense of ownership might be elevated to raised awareness on the importance of real values and individual power by means of healthy nourishment in the psychological as well as energetic sense for the sake of ultimately gaining material stability.

What makes the sense of ownership profoundly meaningful is what makes the best things in life that are completely free and those are the essential values of faith, love, culture, education, spiritual well-being as well as all the loved ones that fulfill the existence so that this transit might as well enable you to realize your own talents as well as natural aspirations towards success and happiness.

Uranus might tackle the issue of financial independence, entrepreneurship, booming of the crypto-currencies or any other form of online payments, financial liquidity or new, up-to-date contemporary means of trade

The first step on the path of the righteous warrior on the way of salvation in the world that celebrates the brave and the free in spite of all the lurking shadow traps would be predominantly the Awakening of the Soul.




The Year of the Dog – On Guard!


The nature of the Chinese Dog might influence the overall state of mind on a massive scale this year.  Whether you consider this dog-eat-dog world to be the battlefield whereupon this warrior figure stands the chance of winning the game through extensive training in the form of civil obedience or you consider it to be the test of loyalty to one’s own set of principles and moral codes as well as important people, businesses or ideas, one thing is for sure – you might have the mild impression of being on a short leash.  The underlying vibration of the year might just be the call for self-awareness as well as modesty and humbleness to accept whatever your life will be treating you with readiness to invest hard work, dedication and sacrifice for the sake of accomplishing success. The aroused sensitivity, sharpened senses as well as the trained impulses of being always on guard might characterize the Year of the Dog as the year of realization of necessity to invest the maximum of your efforts for the sake of attaining the clear goal ahead as well as raising awareness on personal responsibility for your professional life as well as coming to your senses regarding your personal life and realizing the basic needs and emotional attachments from the perspective of security, stability and devotion whereupon the loyalty will be the central issue.

Chinese Dog is considered to be a warrior who guards the underground treasure and fights the way through the valley of shadows with utmost persistence, readiness and courage no matter what happens with a simple task in mind – the job must be done. The sense of duty and responsibility is the natural characteristic of the Year of the Dog who has got the trained instinct to guard, protect and take care of business as well as people responsible for. The Year of the Dog is deprived of excessive behavior or lavish exhibitionism but focused on everyday task set before, whether they are professional demands or personal impulse to take care of the loved ones. Most importantly, it will take high dedication to one’s own goals and ambitions, a lot of efforts invested with courage and readiness to cope with all the problems and circumstances a Dog enjoys resolving. Basically, the task of resolving difficult situations, solving the mysteries, fighting through complicated entanglements for the sake of clearing up the area is the typical mind-set of the Year of the Dog. That means whatever crossroad you might find yourself at, whatever difficult entanglement you are experiencing, whatever complicated issue you are facing, this year might be the year of resolution if you summon up your resources and strive to be the most efficient possible. What counts for this year are the results and it might take a year for you to accomplish the balance, the score, the ultimate goal that has been brewing for several years now, however only through focus, dedication, hard work, humbleness and readiness to put up with a lot of problems Dogs are naturally used to.

There is no challenge big enough for a Dog who is ready to cope with persistence and dedication. However, a Dog usually needs an authority, important figure to orbit around, the support of some kind or just somebody to lean on. Dogs does not like the spotlight but they represent the shadow warriors where the major business or the most important development is taking place and normally Dog would be the best associate behind the public figure that gets an applause after the job is done. Very often happens that Dogs don’t even get awarded properly for the invested efforts the secure the success of the company, enterprise, business or a project. Very often undervalued, Dogs take the greatest deal of credit for what they do, meaning that Dogs represent the most important links in the chain of business getting done by investing the biggest efforts and playing the most important part to secure the success. Dogs have the executive power and there is no task hard enough for they will stick to the plan and accomplish the 100% efficiency. You might find them behind so many important projects, companies, important figures that hire hard working people to do the important work. They are usually Dogs. Rarely Dogs do succeed in gaining the material wealth reciprocal to their invested work and dedication. Praise they do get, however they tend to be financially undervalued throughout life. If they could really cash in for the energy they invest they would have to be millionaires. Most often, they are not.

So, this year might be somewhat alike the life of the Dog: A lot of invested efforts with no adequate compensation.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. The lesson of this hard-working Year of the Dog would be to show humbleness and modesty, to show gratitude for all the life’s blessings to count on the next year of the Wild Boar to materialize and gain financial satisfaction for all the good seeds planted this year. Anyhow, playing safe would be the modus operandi.

Within the area of personal life and emotional fulfillment, this year might awaken the sense of loyalty towards all the beloved people you tend to gravitate to with respect to their needs. The prevailing impulse might be to take care of the people who need your help and assistance for the sake of providing generous support. You might become aware of all those important bonds and ties that take priority and the very dedication and sacrifice would be the most important impulse. If you have been wondering for a while now about the people who deserve your dedication, this year might crystallize the important people who deserve your affection versus those who don’t.  You might realize that time is so precious to waste it on those who you don’t have feedback from so that you might clear up the area of your social background and focus on those who you might consider to be valuable. Personally, this might be the year when you might realize where exactly is your heart at and where you want to invest your energy i.e. what brings you emotional satisfaction and joy. The lesson would be to show gratitude for all the blessings you get from people around you and to realize objectively who those people are that you want to be loyal to.  It might be a good year for relationships and marriages that have proven to be valuable and solid and they will most certainly represent a solid base in the future, the base you can count on. The key issue of all the relationships this year would be the TRUST. Namely, the nature of dog is to play safe, to act sensibly with a lot of perceptiveness and even intuition that might guide you this year. The odds are that people might generally decide to play safe in order to feel more confident and secure and establish, re-establish or strengthen the existing bonds for the sake of having a trustworthy partner in life. Many might decide to start new relationships on grounds of making sure previous tests have proven important people have passed them for the sake of becoming loyal, trustworthy and reliable. For all those who haven’t passed the trial of time, this year might bring the bitter sweet taste that might eventually lead to separation. Loyalty and Trust become central issues.

In the psycho-dynamics, the Year of the Dog might be tense and dissatisfying, with aroused sensitivity of the Dog that minds and perceives all the subtle nuances in the surroundings. Dogs have the growing concern of something that just might go wrong and always consider even the smallest signs along the road, being however capable of preventing difficulties by taking an attitude of a warrior who has the courage to cope with.  The readiness of the Dog is extraordinary when it comes to unpredictability, however very powerful intuition is perfectly capable to anticipate all the changes and upcoming events this year for the sake of resolving the issue. Nevertheless, the constant pressure imposed on the psyche to monitor every move, every tendency, every change that might lead to jeopardy of some kind and endanger the very existence with readiness to get onto the battleground and fight for a good cause, drains a lot of mental and physical energy so that the Year might prove to be exhausting. Intuition is a valuable guide of the Dog, who anticipates perfectly the upcoming tendencies so that relying on intuition this year might be a step ahead in the battlefield of the Year of the Dog. The prevailing feeling of humbleness and generosity might raise awareness on how little it actually takes to be happy and reveal that your actual state of affairs might exactly be happier than you think.  Also, growing concern about the loved ones as well as about personal affairs might put you in the state of anxiety or insomnia very often so that you might have to deal with all the perceptiveness and worry with regard to your personal integrity. Namely, Dogs possess quite developed integrity and a very powerful personality that now stands the test trial and the underlying resolution of the upheaval in your psyche might be exactly in responding to a request of your personal integrity. Anyhow, you will be called upon to make choices with regard to your personal integrity and the very backbone of your personality. Dogs have dignity and the very dignity might become your favorite word in the world of consumers and all those who can be bought or sold. This year around, Dog teaches you to settle for less, however not to allow to become cheap but to establish the personal price, if any. Dog teaches you about the most valuable things in life that are precious and cannot be bought for the money: Integrity, Loyalty, Courage, Dignity, Self-Awareness that represent the key issues all the lessons of this year lead to. This year might be the time to reset, regain power and establish the attitude for the years to come arising from raising awareness on personal individuality with respect to the demands of the contemporary world that resides on the pillars of Dogs Warriors.

Within the polarized paradigm of black-and-while world, taking the road less traveled and becoming a Warrior is of the holy enterprise. With respect to all the humanity, realizing one’s own personal power of individuality and accepting the Higher Power to be the Guide, the Holy Warrior not only protects oneself but guards the humanity on a righteous path, worthy of dignified man. The Holy Warrior raises awareness on the most important issues and walks the path towards salvation with no compromises whatsoever. This Year of the Dog will set a challenge for you to choose a side and live accordingly. There will always be a Watcher to keep you safe. The Year of the Dog.


Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Time’s Up


Within the frame of the global cross-examination in the sense of “restructuring the power” represented by governing entities who are now being called upon to integrate the demands of the new age such as cultural, social, racial, environmental, gender, health issues into the establishment of the set of new rules of the game based on traditionally proven, yet contemporary upgraded, with respect to all the needs of the modern world no longer to be ignored.  The times are changing, however for all the concepts that make the Ego projections, cravings and power- demonstrations central, with no respect to human dignity in all the manifestations, the Time’s already Up.

This rare phenomenon of Bloody, Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on 11 degrees Leo is occurring within the reach of the Minor Planet Ceres, of the same importance as Pluto and the karmic North Node in the natural Fifth House of Zodiac thus awakening the key issues in each and every individual life tackling the question of Self-Love and Self-Respect. You would agree, the most important personal training issues in the light of contemporary demands would be exactly those: The Self-Love emanating from personal Self-Awareness of one’s own Self-Worth as the outcome of the process of establishing the personal system of values and Self-Respect emanating from the affirmation of one’s own Dignity that essentially differs from Pride – altogether being notorious characteristics of Leo.

The Eclipse on 11 degrees Leo, conjoined with transit Ceres on 13 degrees Leo plus the North Node on 14 degrees Leo altogether represent the powerful archetypal seismic activity of the collective unconscious with the karmic duty of “Learning the Lesson” in order to accomplish the benefit of this Eclipse.  Namely, the consequential influences of the Eclipse take part as long as 6 months after the cosmic event and it would be important to mention the basic symbolism of this karmic, global shift in consciousness whereupon Ceres takes central stage.

Ceres is usually associated with the constellation of Virgo, the cult of Virgin Mary and the unconditional love due to its self-improvement urge for the sake of evolution of the humanity in the light of the apparent transition of the Royal Star Regulus – the heart of Leo into the sign of Virgo a decade ago whereupon the transition from Ego-centered towards self-improved contemporary man has taken place.

Ceres is a minor planet since 2006 and represents the female principle of the mythological sister of Zeus i.e. Jupiter. Ceres was called Demeter in the Greek mythology and she is associated with harvest, agriculture, motherhood, crops, hunting and represents the archetype of the hard-working woman who brings food to the table. It represents a mother, protector in the modern times depicting all the single mothers who support the family.  In a wider sense, it represents independent women who solely depend on themselves as an imperative of the 21st Century in the world that must be able to provide education, health protection, business opportunities, work protection, equality and respect for all the women of the world. This very eclipse tackles this issue as being central,  in the world of relativized gender identification of so many androgynous people with high self-awareness whereupon the gender orientation is being essentially less important unified in the turquoise unisex color. Modern tendencies overcome traditional, conventional gender role-play and raises awareness on the importance of the individual freedom to choose what to identify with in the frame of all the contemporary concepts as well as the importance of giving credit to women for all they contribute and provide to the world.  With respect to the karma cycle of the intensive self-improvement, the ultimate aim for all the human beings in accordance to the Bible as well as the ultimate standards of performance in the world would be becoming as perfect as angels. Mind you, Angels are essentially Androgynous.

On the quest to self-improvement, the realization of one’s own wholeness considers individuation for the sake of acceptance the Anima of Men (Female part of Men inherently identified with Mother) as well as Animus of Women (Male part of Women inherently identified with Father) as the essential and indispensable part of being in the psycho-dynamics. Therefore, the conventional  gender role-play is slowly being overcome in the times to come only more transparently and directly.

“Girls just want to have FUNdamental human rights” would be the quote of this Eclipse that raises awareness on the importance of independence of all the women and girls in the world who essentially strive for the same goals as men, provide the same results and demand the same rights.

Within the frame of cross-examination on the worldly scale, being exposed to the same karma grind, this Eclipse with Ceres and North Node reminds the world of its own karma to give credit to women for everything they provide, secure their independence, treat them with respect, establish the fundamental human rights in practice not just on paper and hear the voice of women all around the world who stand the chance of saving it.

Furthermore, within the symbolism of Leo that represents the heart and the symbolism of Ceres that represents detachment, sadness and the fear of losing the loved one, it is worth mentioning that according to mythology Ceres was the mother of Persephone was abducted by Pluto, later to marry him, only to appear above ground in Spring and Summer and locked in the Underground in Autumn and Winter, having caused an enormous grief for Ceres, the mother who suffered just as much.

In the psycho-dynamics, the overall feeling of sadness or detachment might prevail during the Eclipse, reminding each and every one of us about the possible losses and issues of the heart for all the heartbreaks, sufferings and isolation that has to be overcome. Just like the shift of seasons, there comes the shift in consciousness that must bring hope and acceptance of the life cycles for all the ups and downs in one’s own personal life. Leo, being the sign of the heart, puts emphasis to the central Chakra of the body, energizing the heart that has to shine its own glory or else becomes tied up in grief. Mind you, there might be a moment of truth of the heart along with the North Node that answers the question of the very reason of its sufferings that lies in the root of one’s own self-improvement. At least, you might realize what it takes for you to be truly happy. The heightened sensitivity of this female principle might empower the forgiveness, understanding and compassion  as well as one’s own personal responsibility for whatever has caused your heart’s grievance. The challenge would be to find the ways to settle the matter by providing various ideas or thoughts on possible resolution as well as the unconditional love of this sacred feminine principle ennobling the spirit of mankind.  It is of the utmost importance to grasp one’s own essential needs, interests and heart desires and integrate them into awareness on the burning issue.

Another important issue of this Eclipse would be the question of one’s own identity and all the relevant individual idiosyncrasies regarding the most intimate personal self-awareness and Ego identification in the light of one’s own centre of gravity. It might be the time to ask youself the crucial question of who you really are and what you have got to offer to the world  for the sake of building a healthy ego in the function of your complete personality. The self-awareness on your essential identity represents the basis of all of your personal reations and results in personal attitude in the times to come. Naturally it will be expressed through your natural style that is being re-examined in the times such as these when the Eclipse in Leo conjoins with North Node. It is like you essentially make self- affirmation all over again just to make sure you make peogress and build up your own personality in the light of preservation of your true identity.

What you can do for yourself is to realize there is a spiritual reward for the realistic comprehension for learning the lesson of Self-Love for all the Self-Worth you have to attribute yourself as well as the lesson of Self-Respect for all the empowered dignity of Leo, being altogether the only way to be truly happy and loved and respected from the world. Of course, for everything less than that – Time’s Up.



Saturn in Capricorn – Shaking up the System


“It just depends on how close to ground level you are” – would be the motivational message of this 2.5-year transit that might actualize the reality of your position on a worldly scale whereupon everyone will be called upon to integrate within a system that undergoes the test of its sustainability. Now more than ever, everybody might be challenged to incorporate all the personal convictions, personal attitude, the long-term perspective, professional goals as well as personal and professional karma into the system of the particular mind-set everybody is called upon to establish. In the words of William Blake “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s”. That would most certainly be the challenge of the years to come within the big picture of already existing cultural, social, educational, political systems that will stand the test trial of time for the sake of their own sustainability and functionality. This kind of restructuring and so called “paying the karma dues” of all the systems there are should result in purification of experience and establishment of solid base for the years to come. Essentially, the most important issue in this period would be the question of all the systems being rooted in the reality of 21st Century or not, that would most certainly clarify and sustain only the most progressive ones, or at least those most productive ones.

Saturn represents the system and this notion refers to the system of thinking in the first place and then to the social conventions and the structure of the society as well as culture, politics, education, moral codes etc. It would be the challenge to incorporate one’s own ambitions and personal convictions into the global scheme of the establishment of modern thought and contemporary tendencies. Governments, political establishments and social phenomena all undergo the karmic cross-examination for the sake of preservation and more importantly improvement in accordance with contemporary concepts of 21st Century. The system of thinking requires adjustments to new conditions whereupon the restructuring and purification of karma considers improvements on the global scale for the sake of social protection, progress, spiritual and material well-being as well as the salvation from materialistic conformation and grinding inertia of the modern matrix.

It is only a matter of tuning-in to the frequency of reality of the world we live in today whereupon all the dreams, all the cults, all idiosyncrasies of modern man are being subjected to demands of the consuming markets fed up with everything that has already been invented or placed on the usage of masses. Saturn in Capricorn might shake up all the systems by filtering and purification of all the establishments that meet the criteria of social responsibility, professionalism, cultural imperatives, spiritual well-being, environmental, gender, racial and health issues for the sake of gaining the substantial income.

Saturn might as well re-examine the system of rules in compliance with the demand of 21st Century with the emphasis on the traditionally established set of principles that represent the structure, the architecture of the modern way of life by undergoing the test of applicability to the social conditions and profitability of all individual enterprise. The emphasis would be on the work ethics and professional responsibility along with the upcoming Chinese Year of the Dog that will raise awareness on the issues of work conditions, importance of hard work and all the efforts that overshadow the talent or opportunistic manageability along the way. Saturn will put the responsibility in one’s own hands depending on the amount of hard work being invested into the prosperity and success. The sense of duty and personal engagement with respect to all the rules Saturn implies to as the most important for sustainability of the system require obedience, hard work, professionalism and proficiency for the sake of gaining the income.

Professionally, this transit might coincide with the accomplishments of all those who have invested long-term efforts into professional goals that stand the chance of reaching success and gaining income in the following 2.5 years. This transit might represent the crown of the career for all those who have played their cards right with respect to all the rules there are and who have invested long-term efforts, sacrifice and dedication for the sake of getting the chance of a lifetime. It would be the best possible transit for trained professionals who can reach the next level of modus operandi, preferably the top performance one, whereupon they are getting close to the paramount of the career. Basically, the Saturn’s transit through Capricorn would be the good news and the reward for all those individual professionals who have been asking the same question – When will my hard work and professional improvement finally pay off? The answer would be in the following 2.5 years preferably if you have got at least 10 years of training before you.

Psychologically, Saturn raises awareness on personal responsibility and this transit through Capricorn will conceptualize the personal ambitions as well as work ethics for the sake of understanding the fact that personal income and material well-being is essentially a matter of reciprocal personal investment of hard-work, the sense of duty, work ethics, education, personal training and ambitions that represent the base of accomplishment of the life-time goal. In case you haven’t set up a lifetime goal or a personal or professional ambition, now would be the time to do so. Anyhow, it would be the time to think clearly, strictly, professionally, responsibly, soberly about one’s own professional orientation, work contribution, work conditions, personal ambitions, professional accomplishments and lifetime goals. Saturn will most certainly tackle a professional in each and every one of us for the sake of raising awareness on personal contribution to the contemporary world and in the following 2.5 years the lesson would be for everyone to figure out the personal contribution on a worldly scale regarding the professional orientation and personal accomplishments as well as professional productivity and generally the profitability of one’s own career. It would be the time to become business-oriented and to think through the ways of realizing the profit eventually after years of invested efforts and fair play.

Saturn will pass through the 10th house of natural zodiac and it might awaken the realistic outlook on one’s own accomplishments, personal goals, professional ambitions as well as general contribution. Regardless of one’s own dreams, now would be the time to grasp one’s own limits, to define the criteria, build the standards and establish the frame to move within professional and personal life goals so that it would demand to think about the big picture and long-term success with the emphasis on raising awareness on the fact that it takes 10-15 years of training in order to get the chance to win big. The slow and steady pace of Saturn might prove to be fruitful for those already vibrating on the frequency of reality of 21st Century and it might bring a sort of down-to-Earth flavor to those who were mesmerized about one’s own profession or a career. Obeying the simple principles – professional orientation – hard work – playing by the rules-ultimate life goal and building up a career out of it might prove to be a reward or a lesson for every single individual in the following couple of years, depending on a personal inclination.

Mind you, it takes to be a fair player to be an ultimate winner to reach the top and stay on top, being altogether the lesson of this transit. Whether you embark on a career or you have proven to be a professional, whether you strive for success or you are already successful this transit would call upon maturing on one’s own responsibility for personal and professional lives, bring in the sense of duty, raise awareness on the rules of the game all the way through as well as on all the aspects of professionalism and work ethics to that extent that the lesson would be for each and every one of us to become a Pro not just at work but as the lifestyle.

The karma cycle will shake up the system regarding all those issues and Saturn will depict the cross-examination on a worldly scale as well as through introspection and self-improvement, being an urge of contemporary world that still has the perfection as the criteria and whereupon raised awareness on free will and the responsibility of one’s own choices and personal actions results in necessity of putting great efforts in accomplishing life goals. For all those establishments that have proven to be progressive and productive this transit might bring success and top notch opportunities, however for all the rest Saturn in Capricorn will bring the Test Trial that might end up in shaking up the system for the sake of creating a better world. At least, that would be the challenge and the lesson. Saturn in Capricorn got to be real.

Within the psycho-dynamics there is an underlying anxiety rooted in existential fear that might be an overwhelming emotion throughout this period, however it should be comprehended exclusively as the symptom of some unresolved issues that require facing the shadow, personal weaknesses as well as a little bit of self-improvement. Namely, Pluto transit through Capricorn has tackled some key issues of the subconscious such as deep rooted complexes, fixations, prejudice etc., since the overall behavior of people tends to be rather symptomatic regarding those little key points in behavior that require attention and self-improvement and now along with Saturn transit it becomes even more drastic putting the fear, anxiety, weaknesses into the spotlight that demand the immediate dealing with i.e. facing one’s own shadow.

It would be of the extreme importance to rationalize one’s own existential fears as the tip of the iceberg of those deep rooted fears of the past that are actually shaking up the system of consciousness. Mind you, by means of some kind of a therapy or a spiritual technique it would be helpful to deal with childhood memories or some past events that has brought up some issues of the psycho-dynamics necessary to deal with since they act like a sort of concentric circles in the psyche from the depths of the unconscious often expressed in dreams that now gather the experience and interpret all the life phenomena in the language individual and authentic as a fingerprint. That is the unique language that all of us can interpret for ourselves the best if not with a professional assistance.  Anyhow, those traumatic issues of the past would come up to the surface during this time and demand facing with all the weaknesses that are basically shaking up the system.

It would be of the utmost importance to summon up and gather resources of Jupiter in Scorpio that is now empowering the regenerative energy of the psyche and by all means of faith to find the way out of one’s own entanglements. Saturn in Capricorn might just point to those issues that every single individual will have to improve for the sake of accomplishing harmony and peace among the people. It would be the only way to create a healthy society in the first place.  What would be the lesson of this transit is the preferably realistic overview of one’s own life and personal affairs for the sake of comprehension of one’s own realistic position in the world. Regardless of wishful thinking, emotional inclination or lulling in the comfort zone, generally everybody is about get disillusioned and awakened thus faced with reality of one’s own life.

Whether it is going to be difficult or not it would depend on the personal inclination to the truth and “ground level” Saturn will be drawing us onto by shaking up the system.