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Supermoon in Scorpio – The Wolf Moon



Lone as the wolf. Alone in the universe mesmerized with one’s own thoughts. Ready to tear down whoever and whatever. The fierce and dangerous passions, basic instincts of killer Sccorpio ready to fight. There has never been a fighter like a Soorpio. This time around we might face up our basic instincts for survival. The anger, revolt, restless rebells against injustice might speak up in all of us. Scorpio is the fighter for justice and Scorpio is a professional. Like James Bond quotes regrets are not professional. Scorpio never makes  mistakes. And hates the weakness for it is the most powerful of all signs. Black and white world. All or nothing. Everything is still worth a fight. Endangered, opressed and isolated the wolf in all of us gets pretty angered wanting to fight for a good cause. The wolf shows the guts and howls to the Moon regenerating new strength and vigor. A little Scorpion can survive for 7 years without food and water. When they cut its tail there grows a new one. The most powerful regenerating force of Eros as the love for life speaks up. Howels to the Moon. Desire for life, the love for life. Burning passions and desires, the basic power of life raging in all of us. We want to live the way we want to. You can’t destroy us, This Scorpionic wolf licks its own wounds and always finds the strength to fight again. Always on the feet. Moon rules the psyche, the soul the instincts. It gets edgy it gets dangerous. The survival mode is pn. However higher type of Scorpio is the Eagle and Eagle rises above enough to prove the Victory. At least over oneself. In the equasion – to live or to die this Wolf Scorpionic Moon chooses to Live. Supermoon in Scorpio – The World is howling to the Wolf Moon. 

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Pluto – The Golden Rush



Pluto exaltation in Leo from 1939 up to 1957 has brought world war whereupon the ego-centered pathological projection has brought the figures onto a world stage that turned it into a disaster. It’s exactly the pathological ego-centrism that was making money. Natural seat of Pluto is in Scorpio thus making our dear Scirpios always a target for the enormous energy Scorpio naturally bears within the most powerful signs of Zodiac. It’s when the healthy energy produces the energetic metabolism of mankind the way it suppose to like in 1983 and on when Pluto was in Scorpio. Also the gun rush while this transit has made the world armed to the teeth. After 1995 Pluto in Sagittarius has turned the world into a good position of investing into education, science and professionalism whereupon the energetic metabolism of the planet produced good money making thus setting the standards of perfection upon the money-making world. Starting from 2008 up to 2024 Pluto in Capricorn has created consumerist society with decreased quality of everything whereupon the pathology of Capricorn is basically eating the healthy energy and energetic and financial metabolism comes down to  the misuse and draining natural sources in the corrupted world imposed by governmental structures. Taking part in politics bears the enormous cash. Psycho-pathological craving of Capricorn has brought us to the edge of self-destruction. Starting from 2024 to 2044 Pluto in Aquarius will set up the technological age whereupon the spotlight be on the engineering, wireless electricity and machines neddless to say genetic engineering that might alienate man from the nature and natural self. It is like alien technology is taking over the world whereupon the money making energetic metabolism will be sole electricity. Let’s hope 2044 when Pluto reaches Pisces dreams will finally pay off.



Venus in Taurus – Velvet Love

Now that Venus in Taurus starts the transit everybody might feel aroused sensuality, awakened senses and urge for tenderness, sophistication and romance. This artistic Venus inspires various kinds of enjoyment as much as possible with a little gentleness and comfort. Aroused sensitivity and artistic impulses make us pretty aware of our needs grounded in the realistic perception of the world. This time around we feel everything on our skin that seeks velvet comfort, enjoyment and cuddling.  Surround yourself with art and love for it is the only soul-food there is in the colliding worlds of paranoia, anxiety and fear. At least for the time being we might as well feel good about ourselves. In the era of distance and isolation we tend to sense the value of human hug, cuddling and warmth of the heart. Realizing the true values there is underlying sense of reality and physical sensation of our desires. Gentleness, simplicity and artistic sophistication of that original impulse for human bonding. Little things matter, the rhythm is slow and the senses speak for themselves. Put some music on, a glass of wine and grab that somebody you feel on your skin. Venus in Taurus – Velvet Love.

Saturn Square Uranus – The Unlimited



Thinking about the Square that really pressurize the cabin this year the idea of the reaolution of the determinism, pre-conceptions, prejudice, traditional concepts, limitations, methodology, ststem, borders why not unite it with liberation, universality, unbounding it from the pathology of past judgmental inqisition yet uniting the best from both worlds into a modern worldly man. Modern concepts of liberation require setting free from the old patterns and mostly self-imposed limitations resulting in circumstantial limitations that now demand breaking free and finding the way out of the traditional “devil tortured with one’s own thirsd and hunger” yet finding the heavenly freedom that brings the opportunities and choices. Nice, you would say yet there’s Pluto enough to drop an ultimatum, however the acceptance of Plutonic fatality and determinism is at one point the best possible resolution within the system of the natal chart for Pluto is exactly within the funcion of Jupiter. Remember that Zeus would be on top of Olympus namely Jupiter who was endlessly improved and unlimiited.  In the words of the Bible “Be prefect as thy Father is perfect” meaning improved and liberated from the snares of the shadow. Only by means of self-improvement one liberates the soul eternally thus reaching the top of one’s own potential. Do not be afraid to cross the line, there is a star waiting for you. Step into the realms of The Unlimited.

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Planetary mashup – Wild is the Beat


In the light of Saturn Square Uranus and general pressure in the business world there is only one thing left to do – get wild enough to defend and maintain the position of power however small it might be. On the planetary power- mongering games everybody wants a piece of power for the energetical well-being basically depends on it. Deterime your goal, make a clear vision of your ultimate aim and sharpen up for the next year of Tiger when all of us will be swimming along with beasts in the jungle. The times has come when you are either being on the menu or you feed up the appetite of the power hunger impulses. Adler the famous psychotherapist established the will for power long time ago as the psychological category and basically it is of the essential human impulse that is now being put into spotlight. It is true, everybody wants the piece of power just some are desperate to get it. Besr in mind that true power lies in knowledge and wisdom and spiritual awakening based in the search for the truth. They say there is nobody more dangerous than somebody who thinks with their own mind and who wants to save the world, be that somebody for there lies the fair chance of really maling it on a global scale. Uniting for higher purpose justifies the power quest and all those incorporated souls who make the world a better place are the ones who really make the change. Still, this time around people in power are misusing all of us for their cause yet remember when the cycle closes all of us tigers for a good cause will be riding high and that would as soon as next year, Just wait a little bit longer for our time when we will be having our piece of cake. Within the ongoing planetary clinch, protect and defend yourself for Wild is the Beat.

Venus in Aries – Lady Bruce Lee


The Venus being the synonym for a fighter would be Venus in Aries. Much of a fighter.  Straight-forward, direct, bossy, provocative, fierce yet full of fire burning for a good cause. Aries rules the head so the key of winning this kind of girl would be to face with man first who has got to make you pass. Ardent and dominant Venus in Aries fights like a Bruce Lee and loves with a pury childlike heart. Venus in Aries never grows up yet keeps the spirit of a  Tom boy irresistible to everybody. Now we all get to be a little bit like that. However, proceed with caution for Venus in Aries hits you directly and honestly to test your courage, intelligence and manhood. Venus in Aries has no shame or prejudice but goes well along with the fire. This can be exciting month ahead full of passion and challenges on the battlefield. Venus in Aries is never boring yet dynamic and spicy so as your loe life can be in the month to come. We suggest you being straight up with Venus in Aries with no fiul play for this Venus never lies and always wins with arguments. If you like the girl with a bow-tie, all Venuses might look alike this time around, you will have memorable moments of having a girl friend who treats you like a guy and that’s exactly how Venus in Aries wants to be treated, Get ready for battlefield and make room for a Lady Bruce Lee.

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Saturn Square Uranus – In the Paranoid World Be a Genius

The very essence of the paranoid mind might often be the inability to unite two extremely opposite views and perspectives. However, there often lies the potential for complete objectivity if united into one ingenious outlook. What is stopping us? Within the very root of paranoia is underlying fear – the fear of shaken ego that produces projections that should comfort the weakness by inducing illusions for the sake of defending the position and justifying wrong moves of the past thus creating self-destructive individuality basically competing with oneself. The world is being shaken with underlying fear moving within the extreme points of view completely opposite essentially whereupon the only resolution would be facing the truth and building up the Neitschean point of view beyond good and evil, overcoming the past and uniting opposites into one integrated world view that allows you to reach the top. There is a thin line between madman and genius who knows the difference – when it comes to the extremely opposite perspectives of mass schizofrenia don’t go both ways but unite them into one complete world view.  Then you will overcome self-destruction yet you will be able to play all the games out there and you will speak all the languages. Spin the diamond on top of your head and smile like a dragon, The new world resolution is waiting for you. The world is a stage, face the truth, integrate and show your face!

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Mars in Gemini – Playing for The Sake of a Game


The upcoming transit of Mars in Gemini is a new, fresh energy that energizes the child to play. The message of this Mars would be the life motto such as Life is a Game anyway, whether you get it or not. Whether Entertainment would be the ultimate drive or you are ambitious enough to make it, whether you struggle to survive or you are on your way to pull out the next project, make sure you are being a Pro if you wanna be a winner. If you are talented and if you  can make people happy, healthy, successful, educated or rich doing, the world is yours. Why not have a little fun with it along the way. However, the most important game you’re playing would be the game with your own shadow for the ultimate success would be the outcome only if you know what you are doing. As long as you do, as long as you are being creative, interactive as long as you are gathering information and communicate by expressing what’s most inportant to you as well as exchanging dynamic energy of social interacting in the media you are on the right track of making sense with your playing for the sake of a game. Be a winner.

Full Moon in Virgo – The Perfect Health


This full Moon in Virgo would be the best time to make sure you accomplish the purifying, cleansing processing of your shadow for the sake of acceptance, rising above and facing the key issues that prevent you from accomplishing happiness and balance. If you really wanna dance, dance with a shadow first. The power of autoeroticism would be the motivational drive that bears fruit in self love and self respect. However only after realizing one’s own true value. If you have already accomplished the self-integration you might  as well nurture perfect health. If not, now would be the nest time to do so. Full Moon in Virgo – The perfect Health. Dance good!

Pluto – The Ice Cube


As you probably know, Pluto has always been considered as malefic, powerful, transformative and magnificent, brilliant, massive and fatal. Wherever it is positioned in the natal chart it brings a sort of ultimatum you just can’t deny or avoid. Pluto people are powerful, dominant and strikingly authentic. Pluto being the ruler of Scorpio represents fatality in one area of life whereas you just have to comply with. It’s the racket of the underworld you have to accept. It’s a vow. It’s an oath of the unconscious that ultimately governs your consciousness. Everything we get to choose yet Pluto is must have, must be, must do. Pluto is the finger of destiny and all you have to do is to make peace with it. Or else Pluto would be warlike and dangerous. Pluto – the atomic bomb.

However, the most distant planet is small and icy and as a matter of fact it endows us with ice or steel or iron to protect us in life when walking through the valley of shadows. At last, Pluto is working for us all and not only it can be good yet it can be great. Probably the reason why Scorpios are so damn cool. Yet remember, Pluto not only bears the ice but also a diamond from the depths of the unconscious. When you purify the shadow and resolve one’s own psychotherapy as Sigmund Freud who actually made it, and solve the puzzle of oneself you just might be endowed with a diamond on top of the head to spin it like a dragon and understand the life to its core. It’s a bold game and you just have to have guts to dive into the shadow and purify the unconscious thus bringing it to consciousness. The key issue stems from Pluto position in the natal chart. 

You guess, all you have to do is elevate the mind up to little fingers and be a little ice cube ready to face the world. With diamond in the back, you get to be your own boss. Pluto – the ice cube.