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The Year of the Cat – Resolution Ahead

The year of the Cat evokes the essential and basic characteristics of Cat in people thus msking us all feel thoughtful, cautious, diplomatic, sophisticated , elegant at least a little bit so as to bet on reasonable resolution of opposing and raging amplitudes of extremes in the contemporary world. Essential and predominant feeling of Cat people would be the peace and harmony with the world, intelligemt mind, , the stoic and  dignified attitude of refined energies that bring healing and protect the health of mind. Tradotionally Cats symbolize the health of psyche so as to bring healing of the raging 2022 Tiger’s energies that has brought complication and havoc into our lives. What we can do now is make sure we think cautiously and independently about ourselves, our lives and the world in general thus drawing conclusions on the next step we take in getting close to resolution of our own game set as well as the world issues. They say that everything happens within the realms of spirit first and then on the realms of physical world and what exactly needs to happen would be the resolution if the collision of the opposing worlds of tradion and contemporary tendencies thus finding balance and creating a new world view with past and future incorporated into a straigh-up  attitude with best posdible heritage and perdpective of united east and west, tradion and modern world view. A lot has been overcome, yet a lot we have built and  the classical values of the past would be something to bring on into the future and Cats would be the symbol of the wise world who knows how to unite the opposites and to go straight ahead with the best from all human experience. The Culture of built-up civilization does not need to be questioned for it will prove to be valuable heritage in the years to come  still embracing the higher consciousness of the modern world whereupon the the health, environmental, social-economic issues need to be met with evolved attitude of contemporary man, First, thinking thoroughly about oneself and then of the world would be the urge this year with the ultimate aim of providing valuable conclusions and making wise decisions that the next year of Dragon and the following year of Snake are going to put into workable practical solutons. You might call the the year of the Cat preparatonal yet it’s when things take shape on the mind-set first and when basically everything gets formed in the decisions set up in motion based  on all experience we have so far. Keep in mind that every step you take is a step close to God and wise Cat reminds you of that. Cats understand the mysterious ways of God and that would be the challenge for all of us the bear wisdom. Cats were the one to stand dignified on the Buddha funeral without crying alongside with the Snake for it would be the call of this year – wisdom exactly. For however you define your mind-set it would bring on the relevant experience later. The children of God lead this world to Heaven and this year would be the time for all of us God’s children to get little wise. Think of how you can become the best yourself and professionalize for this world is saved only by the professionals, The year of the Cat help us work it out. Some learn from failure , some learn from success yet the most important would be to constantly learn lessons as being the consequences of sll karma happenings besides  the karma reward. If everything happens for reason now would be the call for sll of us to think about what the reason might be. The year of the Cat help us do it.


Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – The Strength Card


Namely, this Eclipse will test our stength and stamina on our way to a new victory. Get your pills ready for the Lunar Eclipse on Uranus in Taurus might potentially bring up anxiety due to collective psychosis. What would be most reliable right now is the strength and solid memory of the very development so far thus protecting our common sense and the world of wisdom. What we know within our own experience lead us far beyond questioning of the civilization and makes us resilient to challenges of the new age, Turnovers, shifts, conflits of interests, paranoya, anxiety, psychosis induced and projeted by the restless trying to fill the void of pointless fixations and greed of the consumerist society would test our limits pretty much. Hold your guns, keep up the good work and summon the power for the challenge would be the Strength Card.


Scorpio Season – Take the Flight

  1. Scorpionic – Namely, there are three levels of Scorpionic consciousness and energy – Scorpion Arachnida, Grey Lizzard and Eagle, The frequency of Scorpionic vibration depends on self-improvement and the power to overcome basic instincts and raging passions of the Arachnida across the Mediocre Grey Lizzard towards the spiritually evolved Eagle on the quest for Truth. The frequency of Truth is most powerful Scorpionic trait when Scorpio rises above into the heights of the soul. During the Scorpio season we are all a little bit of all three with the imperative of the ultimate self-control thus hard for a Scorpio. The blitzkrieg of passions and killer instincts in the survival mode calls for realization of true motives, the search for the Truth and the fight for Justice however elusive it might seem. Everybody posses a little bit of Scorpio especially in the Scorpio season so let’s better make it Eagle-like. Let’s take that flight over the cuckoo’s nest and reach full potential of Scorpionic diamond of the unconscious shadow for the sake of the collective deliverance. Death and Rebirth of the  Scorpio season face us all with the natural cycles of Man who basically possess the power to rise from the ashes lead by Eros as the primordial instinct that affirmates Life  over Death and Tanatos. The natural outcome would be Transformation in all areas of Life into a turnover from the downward motion into upward. The cycles are closing and thus we face the new beginning. With all the experience gained so far now would be the time for a fresh start, let’s spread the wings and Fly.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Facing the Shadow

There is a shift in consciousness whereupon the the unconscious speaks up for the sake of faving the truth about oneself. A critical piece of information or a small revelation takes place for the sake of integrating the shadow thus bringing it to consciousness. Every Eclipse is the shift of trend so there might be an overturn of energies within the psyche in the next six months. Waking up and realizing the truth about the ongoing matters particularly the truth about oneself as well as one’s own motives would be the ultimate aim of this Eclipse as the best case scenario, if you are not into the search for the truth rationally the prevailing emotion and the sensation of your own truth will take place, the gut feeling never lies so as the basic instinct for survival withstands the shocking revelation of one’s own state of affairs, shadow snares or battlefield disposition thus exposing the true motivation of everybody in the equasion, The lucid Scorpio will enable you to face it all and gain the power you need to secure well-being and establish control. This Scorpio season might drive you to the extremes and this Evlipse would be the first turnover hopefully for the best and this little shake-up will wake you up enough to make things right and to face the shadow.
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Saturn Square Uranus – Fear for the Future


We’re witnessing the Sauare these couple of years representing the collision of the “old” and the “new” world thus making us feel of a slightly paranoid or pschyzzo flavor due to the ongoing existential crisis and basically fear for the future. This particular aspect will release us from tension sometime next year in the spring when along with Pluto in Aquarius we have to embrace the new age of technocrasy and individual freedom on the verge of anarchy whereupon the power is being shifted into universal urge for saving the mankind. It would be the mission of all of us to make the world a better place. Actually the Pluto transit marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Individuate until you are free with the most important task of all – stop feeding the fears with sensationalism we have to release from. In the year of the Cat next year the  cautious progress and diplomatic handling of all affairs would contribute to peace of mind now hard to accomplish. Seems like irrationally imposed fears would be replaced witj progressive development with the prevailing necessity of individual freedom. Havoc or awakening we will be challenged to accept the full responsibility for our happiness. Long live Aquarius.


Mars in Gemini – Getting Busy


After a month of lazy , hednonistic Taurus now would be the time to get busy with restless Mars in Gemini thus improving communication, circulation, self-expression as well as managing common projects, meeting people and doing fast travelling. Gemini Mars stimulates us to express and think clearly, intelligently and logically. Getting all so needed information and poking to find out the state of the facts, this Mars will clear out the area thus allowing us to make progress, make a point, realize the urge of understanding as well as being understood. It’s the time of the year when we get into communicating mojo of bringing the lingering issues into the light. It’s time to socialize, think of the layout of your game and make much needed contacts. It’s time to get busy.
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Supermoon in Aquarius – Breaking Free

Now walking through the Lionsagate at this time of the year when it’s been too hot to think, the upcoming full Moon in Awuarius might actually make you sober up enpugh to feel the reality in raw mode. Try not to freak out for there just might be a chance to step into a higher consciousness and pick up the vibe of universal love. The anxiety, paranoia in the air undermining your sense of security and natural wellbeing might make you wanna jump out of your skin yet try to remember what matters the most for the Moon will be influenced by Jupiter enough to provide comfort and angelic divine blessing that everything is going to be ok and that there is at least one somebody who brings in the love and protection into your life. Starlike guidance at this point would be facing your own reality and your own fears and asking yourself about what you are going to do with it. Within the underlying fears of existential issues make sure you choose love for the center of gravity since everything is getting much easier with healthy attitude. Try to be creative enough to radiate with positive energy in the world overwhelmed with pathology. Let this Supermoon be the turn over for all the matters of your life turning in your favor. In order to do that try Breaking free from the shadows holding you back for this would be a great time to start running your life the way you want to. Stay safe and drive your way to everything you ever wished for. it might as well pay off sometime in the future. God bless!

Supermoon Angst – Letting go


Fixations, fears, complexes, childhood traumas, suffering, burden of karma and past experiences in the light of the prevailing feeling of being stuck. The real challenge would be letting go and liberating from the sanres of the shadow. Yet how when it contains so much power. By setting free from your own pathology, by realizing your happiness is within you. By choosing to live your best self. By shifting hate to love. By not feeding the fears. By overcoming prejudice. By living and letting live. By being free. By taking a moment to enjoy life. Somewhere by the water. Let the Supermoon angst be letting go.

Retro Pluto – Swipe Away

Retro Pluto – My dear Eartlings and Aliens Retro Pluto damn swipes our lives for the sake of a purging the past and hopefully making a rough cut diamond out of our subconsciousness. That is your ultimate goal. However, digging the past experiences into the light of the objective comprehension and evaluation is leading to a placement of accomplishing goals. Or not. Depending on your well played gaming, loyalty to yourself as well as your loved ones and recognition of right opportunities. Here we have a new cycle of looking back and re-questioning pur goals in the light of realization whether all the right moves have been made. The pathology of the subconsciousness is dragging healthy energy of the collective unconscious to feed the void of consumerism and greed yet altogether in the function of ongoing test for the sake of deliverance and salvation of mankind. God has placed a test upon us to male sure who can get a VIP card and who is on the Heavenly list. Until October 8th Retro Pluto will reveal the place for all of us.

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