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Moon in Libra – Balance


We live in the world of the opposites united only through the essential comprehension of both extremes of an ingenious mind. Work it out until you accomplish the balance for the world will follow. Libra tends to be very nice and sophisticated and that is how the world might be treating you these days.  When you accomplish the harmony within the world will resonate in harmony with you. In case you have already accomplished the balance of the united opposites of raging world, make sure you realize – the world is you.

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Mars in Virgo – Professionalize

Mars in Virgo – Now that Mars has got Uranian flavor as well, you might feel like exhibitionism is a pret-a-porter. Whatever you do with your life, make it authentic yet first think it through. Make sure you have got all the details worked out with all the good business done this month and with Uranian glitz strike a pose of your life. Uranian flash will capture it and express your individuality. You are free to be yourself underneath it all. Make the most of it.

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Retro Mercury – Re-think and Re-set


Now that Mercury goes Retro the time would be to think clearly about everything. Retro Mercury occurs when we gain the frame of mind enough to know how to play however Retro Mercury always remind us to rethink and make sure our understanding is correct. Therefore in 25 days to come try to clear out the area by establisjing the very facts and general layout of your game. It is time to shape up the mind for the best possible workable solution after reset of the information data base that needs to be updated. Gemini opetates with information that just not might be clearly presented or acquired due to Neptune Square of misinforming tide of manipulative agenda so that it would demand the clear thinking on the facts and  development so far with up to date information. Logical approach would be the best way to establish the truth and form an attitude essential for further manoeuvring. Shape up your mind well along the most contemporary standards of living in the world such as perfection or universallity by rising above the events and working out the best possible resolution. Everything we experience is the projection of our spiritual, emotional, subconscious and conscious mind -set. Retro Mercury in Gemini would be the time to clear out wishful thinking or fearful misconceptions and find the straight line of general truth faced with reality as it is away from diverted and psycho-pathologically manipulated world, Run through the essential outlines and update the system by refreshing the approach. Famous objectivity of this sign and capability to figure out all sides if the story allows multiple perspectives to unite in one general underlying truth indispensible for success or happiness in order to avoid running around in circles and wasting time for exactly the mindset ultimately defines what you call a Destiny. Winning attitude contains the purity of mind in the light of well-established mindset so now you make sure you Rethink and Reset.

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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – Breaking Free



Generally, Eclipses bring the trend shifts that might even prolong up to 6 months. On 26th May there goes the full Moon in Sagittarius and the Lunar Eclipse. Liberating, adventurous, worldly, spiritual, open-minded this full Moon might be a real trigger for breaking free from everything that has been troubling us thus washing away the lower frequencies and stepping into a higher frame of mind. Spiritual freedom would be of the utmost importance and general health of the psyche that seeks the peace of mind. There might be wild outbursts though for Sagittarius would be of the pretty wild signs that hardly bears limitations of any kind. Try to rise above the confusion of Square Neptune and aim for disillusionment on the infividual as well as on the global scale, recognize the blind spot and refresh the mind with the truth.  This would be the great time for new beginnings that should last for a long long time. Saturn supports it. Step into the world of higher realms, purify and break free.


Jupiter in Pisces – Stay Home


For all of us at home in our heads high above in the clouds keep it safe and never stop dreaming for the upcoming Jupiter in Pisces might soon enough make us feel great in our souls safe at home. We are the children of Heaven and we never comply with temptations of the new world yet we always think about the greatest value of freedom, love and culture we guard by being Pros in our lives and endless self-improvement, This is just a hint of the upcoming transit of Jupiter in Pices next year that stands the chance of making our dream come true. If we are smart we will fly above the clouds with heavenly eyes of wisdom of aJupirer in Pisces who knows the cycles waiting for our dreams to come true. Jupiter will endow us with a chance. Meanwhile stay home. Dreams will make us safe.

Mercury in Gemini – Writings on the Wall


In the era of confusion, chaos and perverted matrix of our existence due to various manipulation there is only one way out of the mess – Logic. They say the most apparent or obvious explanation would be the most exact one. The scientific thought has developed the mind up to a point or rising above and understanding even the most primitive energies induced to creste chaos due to Pluto in Capricirn. However the improved, intelligent, liberated and powerful mind rises above and sees through all the scams, manipulation, illusions and propaganda of contemporary world. Still, there is one thing above all – waking up. Everything on this world can be comprehended and ststematically explained whether understood with a mind or with a heart. We have gone a long way as a civilization that everything tends to be revealed for the sake of all those who keep the head above the water in the era where systematic drowning of Neptune is being induced by the collective pathology of Pluto in Capricorn. The perverted matrix of existence in the world trying to kill God would be rather apparent to all of us who know what is what and who is who, to all of us who know the truth. The Mercury in Gemini calls for understanding, communication and expression thus picking up the pieces of the puzzle together. Facing reality as well as facing one’s own truth would be subdided by capability of rational comprehension and setting up the frame of mind above the troubled waters. The essential most important aim would be synchronising with the unconscious mind for consciousness ultimately has to accept the shadow as being wise enough to provide answers thus allowing the unique awakenning of the civilization above the collective inertia and determinism thus building up ability to choose for what is good for all of us. Keep in mind the best thing to do would be to do what is right. In case you are missing the point of your game, Mercury in Gemini would be the messenger that the Writing’s on the Wall. 

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Neptune opposition Fixed Star Denebola – Covid Prospect



The exact opposition of  Neptune with fixed star Denebola in Virgo starting  off last March 2020 has been exact in several waves on 20-21 degrees Pisces. The last exact opposition was in March 2021 and it is happening again in September  2021 then again in November 2021  and closing off in January 2022. It is the aspect that descirbes global infectuous disease and the global chaos we face for one year now. After January next year slowly we should get back to normal and overcome the virus presence in oir lives therefore to take off the masks and get back to normal next year slowly but surely unless the opposition on 22 degrees Neptune in November-December 2022 hits again hoping we should be covid free by then. Saturn-Pluto in Calricorn has depicted the impact on economy and pathologically induced chaos however Neptune in  opposition with the important fixed star Denebola  on 20-21 Virgo has exacrly depicted the Covid and the pandemic. Gradually we will get through this and hopefully in exactly one year we should all be safe. Lets get well, be safe and healthy.



Supermoon in Scorpio – The Wolf Moon



Lone as the wolf. Alone in the universe mesmerized with one’s own thoughts. Ready to tear down whoever and whatever. The fierce and dangerous passions, basic instincts of killer Sccorpio ready to fight. There has never been a fighter like a Soorpio. This time around we might face up our basic instincts for survival. The anger, revolt, restless rebells against injustice might speak up in all of us. Scorpio is the fighter for justice and Scorpio is a professional. Like James Bond quotes regrets are not professional. Scorpio never makes  mistakes. And hates the weakness for it is the most powerful of all signs. Black and white world. All or nothing. Everything is still worth a fight. Endangered, opressed and isolated the wolf in all of us gets pretty angered wanting to fight for a good cause. The wolf shows the guts and howls to the Moon regenerating new strength and vigor. A little Scorpion can survive for 7 years without food and water. When they cut its tail there grows a new one. The most powerful regenerating force of Eros as the love for life speaks up. Howels to the Moon. Desire for life, the love for life. Burning passions and desires, the basic power of life raging in all of us. We want to live the way we want to. You can’t destroy us, This Scorpionic wolf licks its own wounds and always finds the strength to fight again. Always on the feet. Moon rules the psyche, the soul the instincts. It gets edgy it gets dangerous. The survival mode is pn. However higher type of Scorpio is the Eagle and Eagle rises above enough to prove the Victory. At least over oneself. In the equasion – to live or to die this Wolf Scorpionic Moon chooses to Live. Supermoon in Scorpio – The World is howling to the Wolf Moon. 

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Pluto – The Golden Rush



Pluto exaltation in Leo from 1939 up to 1957 has brought world war whereupon the ego-centered pathological projection has brought the figures onto a world stage that turned it into a disaster. It’s exactly the pathological ego-centrism that was making money. Natural seat of Pluto is in Scorpio thus making our dear Scirpios always a target for the enormous energy Scorpio naturally bears within the most powerful signs of Zodiac. It’s when the healthy energy produces the energetic metabolism of mankind the way it suppose to like in 1983 and on when Pluto was in Scorpio. Also the gun rush while this transit has made the world armed to the teeth. After 1995 Pluto in Sagittarius has turned the world into a good position of investing into education, science and professionalism whereupon the energetic metabolism of the planet produced good money making thus setting the standards of perfection upon the money-making world. Starting from 2008 up to 2024 Pluto in Capricorn has created consumerist society with decreased quality of everything whereupon the pathology of Capricorn is basically eating the healthy energy and energetic and financial metabolism comes down to  the misuse and draining natural sources in the corrupted world imposed by governmental structures. Taking part in politics bears the enormous cash. Psycho-pathological craving of Capricorn has brought us to the edge of self-destruction. Starting from 2024 to 2044 Pluto in Aquarius will set up the technological age whereupon the spotlight be on the engineering, wireless electricity and machines neddless to say genetic engineering that might alienate man from the nature and natural self. It is like alien technology is taking over the world whereupon the money making energetic metabolism will be sole electricity. Let’s hope 2044 when Pluto reaches Pisces dreams will finally pay off.