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Mars in Gemini – Getting Busy


After a month of lazy , hednonistic Taurus now would be the time to get busy with restless Mars in Gemini thus improving communication, circulation, self-expression as well as managing common projects, meeting people and doing fast travelling. Gemini Mars stimulates us to express and think clearly, intelligently and logically. Getting all so needed information and poking to find out the state of the facts, this Mars will clear out the area thus allowing us to make progress, make a point, realize the urge of understanding as well as being understood. It’s the time of the year when we get into communicating mojo of bringing the lingering issues into the light. It’s time to socialize, think of the layout of your game and make much needed contacts. It’s time to get busy.
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Supermoon in Aquarius – Breaking Free

Now walking through the Lionsagate at this time of the year when it’s been too hot to think, the upcoming full Moon in Awuarius might actually make you sober up enpugh to feel the reality in raw mode. Try not to freak out for there just might be a chance to step into a higher consciousness and pick up the vibe of universal love. The anxiety, paranoia in the air undermining your sense of security and natural wellbeing might make you wanna jump out of your skin yet try to remember what matters the most for the Moon will be influenced by Jupiter enough to provide comfort and angelic divine blessing that everything is going to be ok and that there is at least one somebody who brings in the love and protection into your life. Starlike guidance at this point would be facing your own reality and your own fears and asking yourself about what you are going to do with it. Within the underlying fears of existential issues make sure you choose love for the center of gravity since everything is getting much easier with healthy attitude. Try to be creative enough to radiate with positive energy in the world overwhelmed with pathology. Let this Supermoon be the turn over for all the matters of your life turning in your favor. In order to do that try Breaking free from the shadows holding you back for this would be a great time to start running your life the way you want to. Stay safe and drive your way to everything you ever wished for. it might as well pay off sometime in the future. God bless!

Supermoon Angst – Letting go


Fixations, fears, complexes, childhood traumas, suffering, burden of karma and past experiences in the light of the prevailing feeling of being stuck. The real challenge would be letting go and liberating from the sanres of the shadow. Yet how when it contains so much power. By setting free from your own pathology, by realizing your happiness is within you. By choosing to live your best self. By shifting hate to love. By not feeding the fears. By overcoming prejudice. By living and letting live. By being free. By taking a moment to enjoy life. Somewhere by the water. Let the Supermoon angst be letting go.

Retro Pluto – Swipe Away

Retro Pluto – My dear Eartlings and Aliens Retro Pluto damn swipes our lives for the sake of a purging the past and hopefully making a rough cut diamond out of our subconsciousness. That is your ultimate goal. However, digging the past experiences into the light of the objective comprehension and evaluation is leading to a placement of accomplishing goals. Or not. Depending on your well played gaming, loyalty to yourself as well as your loved ones and recognition of right opportunities. Here we have a new cycle of looking back and re-questioning pur goals in the light of realization whether all the right moves have been made. The pathology of the subconsciousness is dragging healthy energy of the collective unconscious to feed the void of consumerism and greed yet altogether in the function of ongoing test for the sake of deliverance and salvation of mankind. God has placed a test upon us to male sure who can get a VIP card and who is on the Heavenly list. Until October 8th Retro Pluto will reveal the place for all of us.

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Mercury Retrograde – Light Work

Retro Mercury – the fixed star Aldebaran i.e Archiangel Michael tackles important information these days as well as small recelations. Somewhere around you there us the truth so make sure your perception is on the radar. It is the time to update, reconsider the layout of the game and deal with already started working development. Small overturns and mishaps are possible yet the focus is on the understanding the big picture in the ongoing development. Double-check everything you read or hear and establish the important facts you might have overlooked. It us time to pick up the pieces of the puzzle and brace yourself for the benefit of truth and sound judgment that is to guide you. It us the time to shake your head and realize what you are thinking is exactly what you are doing. Ask yourself and you will get your answers. By Mercury Retrograde.
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Retro Pluto – The Grind

Retro Pluto – Pathological grind of retro Pluto until October will dig out the hidden agendas as well as making an update on the direction we take thus providing a check-up point in the ongoing test for the benefit of our own accomplishments. Are you heading the right direction and have you accepted the unavoidable thus making a compromise with the ongoing ultimatuum in the compliance with God’s Master Plan, It is the question of Retro Pluto. Make sure you are done with answers.
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Moon in Libra – Balance


We live in the world of the opposites united only through the essential comprehension of both extremes of an ingenious mind. Work it out until you accomplish the balance for the world will follow. Libra tends to be very nice and sophisticated and that is how the world might be treating you these days.  When you accomplish the harmony within the world will resonate in harmony with you. In case you have already accomplished the balance of the united opposites of raging world, make sure you realize – the world is you.

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Mars in Virgo – Professionalize

Mars in Virgo – Now that Mars has got Uranian flavor as well, you might feel like exhibitionism is a pret-a-porter. Whatever you do with your life, make it authentic yet first think it through. Make sure you have got all the details worked out with all the good business done this month and with Uranian glitz strike a pose of your life. Uranian flash will capture it and express your individuality. You are free to be yourself underneath it all. Make the most of it.

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Retro Mercury – Re-think and Re-set


Now that Mercury goes Retro the time would be to think clearly about everything. Retro Mercury occurs when we gain the frame of mind enough to know how to play however Retro Mercury always remind us to rethink and make sure our understanding is correct. Therefore in 25 days to come try to clear out the area by establisjing the very facts and general layout of your game. It is time to shape up the mind for the best possible workable solution after reset of the information data base that needs to be updated. Gemini opetates with information that just not might be clearly presented or acquired due to Neptune Square of misinforming tide of manipulative agenda so that it would demand the clear thinking on the facts and  development so far with up to date information. Logical approach would be the best way to establish the truth and form an attitude essential for further manoeuvring. Shape up your mind well along the most contemporary standards of living in the world such as perfection or universallity by rising above the events and working out the best possible resolution. Everything we experience is the projection of our spiritual, emotional, subconscious and conscious mind -set. Retro Mercury in Gemini would be the time to clear out wishful thinking or fearful misconceptions and find the straight line of general truth faced with reality as it is away from diverted and psycho-pathologically manipulated world, Run through the essential outlines and update the system by refreshing the approach. Famous objectivity of this sign and capability to figure out all sides if the story allows multiple perspectives to unite in one general underlying truth indispensible for success or happiness in order to avoid running around in circles and wasting time for exactly the mindset ultimately defines what you call a Destiny. Winning attitude contains the purity of mind in the light of well-established mindset so now you make sure you Rethink and Reset.

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