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Saturn in Aquarius – Go Universal!



We are witnessing the first signs of the upcoming Era of Aquarius now that Saturn and soon to be Pluto starts the transit through Aquarius. The new consciousness, raising awareness, overall liberation from all the boundaries and traditional concepts with respect to universal standards would be the universal pitch of the upcoming times. Nowadays would be the real challenge to incorporate the classical values into the modern world view yet the universal quality in all the concepts will pass the test of time and if we’re smart create the future established on the solid base of all the values that seem to be of the universal character.

The contemporary world has inherited the standards of perfection as the imperative for accomplishing success and starts to evolve into standards of universality i.e. everybody is being called for to work for the salvation of mankind and fulfillment of the needs on a global scale. Now more than ever everybody is called for to make the contribution in saving the planet in the light of growing environmental issues as well as the issues of the quality of life, health, gender equality, racial or social prejudice, growing fear and anxiety as the result of unpredictability of contemporary life. The world is aching for salvation and everybody will have to reach for the universal solutions in the individual lives for the sake of not only self-maintenance but for the sake of preservation of mankind. What Saturn in Aquarius initiates would be the shift in the attitude on a massive scale in the form of tendency of overcoming of ego-projected drives into raising awareness on general well-being and the overall universal mind-set. The rising question is being shifted from what you can do for yourself into what you can do for the mankind that should make your life purposeful. The “saturation” would be the fulfillment of the needs of the community through overcoming of ego and personal aspirations that have to be in the function of the collective well-being. Along with the Uranus in Taurus whereupon it is considered that Earth is in the sign of Taurus, the universal intelligence is taking over for the sake of the global salvation of mankind.

Traditionally, Saturn represents the system such as system of thinking for instance as well as governmental establishments, science, cultural heritage, classical values that now seem to be challenged into a sort of liberating process of overcoming boundaries and limitations thus raising awareness on the global community and the way of life of the contemporary man. There is always a risk on the life on a verge of anarchy with this position, however the mankind is being faced with the challenge to jump on the higher frequency and higher state of mind that is being called for to unify the classical and modern values into the universal state of mind. Saturn also represents the actuality and the focus as if the finger pointed to a point of view that represents the direction to all the ways of accomplishing purpose and making sense. Saturn as the mathematical, scientific way of thinking is actualizing the universal intelligence as the higher state of mind that unifies all the concepts and overcomes prejudice, limitations, traditional aches of the world with the aim of finding the universal resolution.

Within one of the characteristics of Saturn denoting Karma cycles, this transit through Aquarius signifies that the modern world view and the contemporary concepts in politics, culture, science, art and society in general undergo a unique karma grind within the karmic cross-examination and a sort of “paying dues” for the sake of purification of spirit, soul, mind and body of contemporary man. All karma cycles have the same aim and that is becoming a better human i.e. better society i.e better world.

However, what we will have very soon would be the Square of Saturn and Uranus and that might bring a sort of a tension. Namely, Saturn Square Uranus is well known as the “Prometheus” archetype that tells the story of the hero Prometheus who stole the fire from Gods and brought it to the humans whereupon he was punished by Gods afterwards in the form of being chained with Eagle eating his liver. There is a danger here not to make a trespass and provide for the people more than they can handle and more than God has provided for mankind. In the individual lives of people that would mean a sort of finding balance between what we allow in our lives and what we don’t. Also, Saturn Square Uranus arouses some issues every individual chart describes in the form of inherited wisdom and knowledge whereupon those individuals also bear a kind of complex to be always right and always the smartest ones. Naturally, on the planet of six billion people trying to be the smartest in the room makes a sort of an issue, you would agree.  Also, this very aspect denotes the sort of a collision between worlds such as old school and traditional point of view and new school and modern way of life that might also result in the sort of a crisis that has to be overcome through unification, embracing the classical values as a solid base upgraded by the contemporary ways with respect to the universal principles that stand the test of time. Now, universality is the key.

Saturn also represents the character so the in the following 2.5 years all of us might awaken the characteristics of Aquarius more than usual. The archetype of Aquarius would be the “weird genius” misunderstood by people, unpredictable and just living for the moment. Those exciting times might bring a lot of turnovers within the amplitudes of the extremes, a sort of a roller-coaster that switches the mood and the tendencies day after day. By strengthening individuality and building up a sort of a bubble for ourselves we will be challenged to survive in these turbulent times. Aquarius is however very extrovert and communicative, impulsive as well so that the social life would seem very dynamic and exciting with potentially a lot of adrenaline on a daily basis that might bring a lot of stress. Growing anxiety might continue to shake up our daily world for the flux of energy is very strong and the flux of information on a daily basis might also be very powerful to process. It would be hard to plan but being called for to improvise and manage. Aquarius represent new world people with the inborn knowledge without being told or taught so that the overall energy might seem to be of the higher quality of the universal intelligence. In the global Babylon, everybody has a story to tell and everybody speaks one’s own truth. Individuality would be the most cherished quality and the tendency to seek the individual freedom to express, manage and handle life would be imperative. The challenge is to build one’s own micro world whereupon everybody lives one’s own truth.

Whatever you stand for, whatever your personal philosophy is as well as your way of life Friedrich Nietzsche might prove to be right that in “every sort of madness there is a system”. The advice would be that whatever you are trying to prove, whatever you do, just go universal!




Supermoon in Virgo – Self-Maintenance


Supermoon in Virgo occurs exactly on 20 degrees of Virgo on the fixed star Denebola in the constellation of Leo namely on Lion’s tail and that very fixed star within the existing opposition with Neptune traditionally brings the occurrence of various forms of infectous disease. The outspreading of Corona Virus seems to be within the description of the opposition of Neptune with the fixed star Denebola describing the massive infectous disease on 18 degrees of Pisces that basically seems to be rather ominous since it is 2 degrees from the exact opposition. Needless to say that precautions would be the imperative as well as strengthening the immune system, however within the present constellations with Neptune in opposition with Denebola fixed star is a sign of massive ongoing outbreak of Corona Virus . The only question would be what will happen in May when Neptune gets to the exact opposition with Denebola when we can expect the culmination yet the influence is rather apparent in the two-three degrees tolerance. Neptune will be on the very 20 degrees exactly op[posed Denebola until August whereupon in retro mode until  this time next year when it will be on 20 degrees again only to pass the dangerous opposition next year in summer. Neptune is the planet that signifies infectious disease in difficult positions with planets and stars and within this frame of constellations doesn’t seem to be accidental. Almost all natal and solar charts have difficult Aspects of Neptune as the sign of ongoing danger of Covid 19. What will actually happen during the course of 2020 and until summer 2021 when the opposition finishes is yet to be seen. The conjunction of Saturn -Pluto is only increasing the death rate and represents the danger and disruption of the world as we know it, it also represents the karma cycle on the planet where pathology of Pluto inevitably destroys and rebuilds our world.

Retro Mercury In Pisces – Find Your Faith

Retro Mercury Pisces

Retro Mercury In Pisces

In the light of the global karma cross-examination of all the belief systems there are, whereupon the so called reconstruction of the essential  establishment of reality, Retro Mercury in Pisces calls for rationalization in the form of withdrawal into most  individual relationship with self vs all the belief system as well as one’s own personal karma history in the light of one’s own accomplishments vs the dreams,   This higher realm of Mercury in Pisces holds the frequency of higher mind, aspirations, dreams, the fine comprehension of one’s own progress  in the light of the recent development calling for finding the faith in the world that reestablishes the “new reality” upholding the classical values of Jupiter in Capricorn thus incorporating them in the modern world view. Retro Mercury is a step back in the game from the higher point of view whereupon the search for God’s will would be the ultimate quest that should provide the answers. In the world that turns the blind eye to Godly imperatives searching through the mysterious ways of God is being left out to heroes who seem to be outcasts of the new world with a clear message that this Retro Mercury should awaken the Hero in everyone of us. It should provide the answers to burning questions and encourage you to find your faith.

In the world that would rather “kill” God then acknowledge the higher master plan of what has to be done in order to lead the more purposeful life and ultimately find happiness and accomplish the well-being, Retro Mercury in Pisces calls for stepping back in the game in the light of one’s own personal history that seizes back to all those check-up points where you might have taken the wrong turn or even maybe to where it all began with the aim of ultimately tracing the  root causes of your state of affairs today with regard to your dream realization in any form there is.

What accompanies the  retrospective process would be the overall confusion and a sort of chaos that Pisces naturally create when there is an absence of higher comprehension of one’s own individual position in the world. The aroused “dark side” of the Pluto in Capricorn, dragging us all down to materialistic pit of consumerist reality enforces the most intimate fixations, yearnings, pathological desires that result in the unresolved childhood traumas or gained traumas in one’s own personal history that require immediate dealing with for the sake of accomplishing healthy outcome and maintaining the natural well-being of the collective unconscious.  Pluto represents the deepest drive of the individual and collective psyche that has the predominant power over individual and collective behavior and the more you cope with the “basic instincts” and pathological fixations that reflect in everyday life in the form of a healing, therapy, energetic treatments, the more you will  raise awareness on the most important key issues that has to be resolved for the sake of a healthy outcome or you will end up being a victim of your own manipulative impulses sucking the healthy energy and creating the chaos in the collective unconscious. Pluto in Capricorn has brought a sort of shift of the divine matrix thus shaping the reality of confusion, misinformation and perverted layout of manoeuvring space whereupon people are being left out in the cold to fight for the fresh air of the Divine Light that altogether has its roots in the manipulations of the “human factor”.

Whether those are the last Biblical days or just the challenge to win the fight to become eligible for the Divine master plan to make it through the wilderness of the low vibrations, confusion, lies, misinformation, fog, the overall lack of clarity and wisdom. Individually, what has to be done during this Retro Mercury in Pisces would be one’s own most intimate quest for the Divine Answers by tracing the God’s will as the form of the ultimate wisdom that leads the man to one’s own freedom, happiness and success.  Now is the time for higher wisdom, higher mind to speak up in the solitude of your own comprehension even the daydreaming and higher sense of self -realization.  However, Mercury in Pisces is also capable of lucid comprehension of all the reasons why you are now in the position you are as well as finding the way out of self-sabotage of the polarized world with self-destructive tendencies dragging  down the level of consciousness onto materialism and primordial drives.  Now  with Retro Mercury would be the time to lift up the frequency with regard to Higher Power and face the undenying reality of existence of God’s will that ultimately requires the man to be the best possible human as possible by means of self-improvement and personal development.

The aroused existential fear of Saturn in Capricorn on the worldly stage of ongoing restructure of governmental power and so to speak karma cross-examination of all the existing systems what essentially represents the Divine imperative would be raising awareness on the solely individual responsibility in the light of Saturn in Capricorn for one’s own well-being and thus enforcing the individual effort for creating a better self for the sake of creating a better world. Mercury in Pisces calls for awakening forgiveness just as much in all the personal history, awakening acceptance of the ultimate Higher Power God  Almighty and awakening the Faith  through building  one’s own relationship with Divine Self for the sake of self-maintenance and accomplishing equilibrium.

In the light of the celestial positions currently in the sky, Saturn and Pluto conjoined imply to a sort of an ongoing Test in each and everyone’s lives for the sake of realization of one’s own true self the best possible way whereupon the success, happiness and general well-being  would be the reward for playing the cards right. Keep in mind that all the karma cycles has the same ultimate aim and that would be becoming a better man and clearing the subconscious as well as the soul of all the personal issues such as fear, complexes, fixations, prejudice, sufferings, traumas and liberating from the snares of the shadow lurking to eat up the healthy sense of self and that is a child in everyone of us. Only through raising awareness on what is the most important to nourish the inner child and by means of intensive self-improvement to liberate the child from preconditioning of one’s own shadow we build the healthy individualism and realize the true self thus ultimately accomplishing success and happiness as well as the healthy society in general.

Play and Pray for the sake of overcoming the imposed and generated limitations and build up the healthy sense of self thus accomplishing one’s own individual freedom for it cannot be established but won through self-improvement, raising awareness and ultimately becoming a the best possible human there is.  In the dire straits of reality this Retro Mercury offers the higher understanding through stepping back into contemplation and ultimately finding Faith.


Jupiter in Capricorn – Karma Reward


In the light of the global planetary flux of a sort of a  cross-examination and a unique test of sustainability of all the existing systems as well as the system of thinking on the individual level this transit of Jupiter in Capricorn wills not  obligatorily bring a sort of a blessing, however it might represent a sort of a karma reward for everybody who has been investing into self-improvement thus developing the system of thinking that passes the test of utility and  functionality with respect to all the demands of the contemporary global issues. Naturally, it might not be apparent or beneficial to all the people who have not proven the utility in the test of time. Still, reviving the classical and traditionally proven patterns, in the light of a modus operandi, stands for the blessing in the process of incorporation of the real values into a modern world in the undergoing development of Babylonian flux of influences whereupon only the systematic, well-designed and planned approach with calculated risks that has proven the utility and provides the workable solutions stands the chance of obtaining the benefit of Jupiter in Capricorn as the most positive influence in the form of a blessing and realization for the sake of a general progress.

In the psycho-dynamics the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn might tackle the personal issues that require healing and generally this mild energy of Jupiter might bring the overall sensation of comfort in the process of overcoming the deep-rooted suffering caused by all the issues such as fears, complexes, prejudice or difficult experiences generating pain now getting soothed and healed if treated properly by providing the general insight into all those issues. Generally, people might become more aware of all the personal issues that demand dealing with in the form of a psychotherapy or various forms of contemporary treatments. This transit is almost a finger pointed to all the issues that demand resolution for the sake of overcoming the existential problems being the consequence of unresolved psychological issues. By means of coping with intra-personal issues the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn might turn out to be beneficial. The healing and finding comfort emanates from raising awareness and bringing all those issues to reason whereupon only the conscious approach of putting the pieces of the puzzle back in place might provide the soothing effect.

For all the invested efforts into self-improvement and personal development, for all the hard work and careful planning , systematic approach in finding resolution of life issues this transit might prove to be a karma reward and sort of blessing in the form of realization of any kind of success individually sought after. Success, being the relative category will be the natural positive consequence of all the hard work invested into finding resolution of individual issues with regard to the utility and demands of the contemporary world aimed for salvation of mankind in all its forms and possibilities.

Individually, the overall sense of accomplishment comes from the realistic comprehension of all the individual capabilities vs achievements in the individual history as well as the realistic overview of all the ambition or striving for success. For all those that have reached the standards of success and proven to fulfill the demands of the contemporary world naturally bringing the realization of all the individual efforts in the process of hard working and carefully planned management of one’s own individual  ambitions this transit of Jupiter might also bring a karma reward and a general breakthrough.

Most importantly, in the light of the influence of Saturn that represents a system of thinking still being exposed to a sort of a test or a cross-examination for the sake of accomplishing sustainability and thus passing the check-up point of utility, validity, functionality and legislation this transit of Jupiter will be  raising awareness and placing all those individuals onto a next level of performance i.e. lifting them onto the top of the game. Basically, this transit of Jupiter will be mostly beneficial to already successful people, however for all those striving for success this Jupiter might bring a sort of blessing or healing of all the individual issues that require treatment for the sake of all the individual accomplishments and ultimately success. Good news is everybody stands the chance.

Regarding the nature of Capricorn namely controllability, self-control, distrust, awareness on responsibility for one’s own actions, scepticism, persistence and readiness for hard work there is a blessing in the invoking such traits in everyday life for the sake of fulfillment of this Jupiterian transit. Namely, it is advisable to enforce those traits as a modus operandi for the sake of gaining benefits of Jupiter. Still, for all those people who naturally nurture those traits this transit of Jupiter might prove to be soothing in the way to relieve the suppressed insecurity, relax the mind from a pressure and enable those individuals to enjoy life but most importantly to invoke the Faith into suspicious hearts and show them all that God’s will has the best plan for everybody.

Generally, Jupiter in Capricorn might put all the classical values into spotlight thus saving all the real values and incorporating them into modern world and the way of living thus proving to be indispensable for the development and the progress of the contemporary world. By questioning everything nowadays, classical education, tradition, classical art, exact sciences and all the classical heritage and rules of the game of our civilization that have also undergone the test of sustainability in the contemporary world prove to be the indispensable and irreplaceable in the modern way of life and  they represent the essential condition for the sake of salvation of contemporary man as well as for one’s own Karma Reward.


Mars in Libra – Call for Diplomacy


In the light of the planetary positions in the sky at this time within the overall cross-examination and karma test of all the existing systems and concepts referring to classical values, Mars in Libra calls for establishing tactics and diplomacy as the best means of accomplishing goals and overcoming the general crisis. In all the social interactions make sure you show a moderate will, tactics, diplomacy and decorum in general for Libra insists upon the white gloves in communication and thoughtful expressing yourself for the sake of making the most of your aspirations. Mars in Libra is a call for diplomacy for the sake of self-sustainability and self-maintenance.  In the psycho-dynamics the overall flow of healthy energy demands the smooth handling everyday situations and potential conflicts thus applying the knowledge and experience on the way to the best possible outcome. Keep in mind that undergoing test will have to prove your system of thinking is worth saving so make sure you stick to the well established, proven and checked facts. There is no compromise with the truth, diplomacy is just the way to defend it and stand for it.

Jupiter Direct – Knowledge is Power

Jupiter represents the mind, particularly the higher mind, education, consciousness, expansion, higher realms, nobility of the spirit, self-improvement, personal development, spirituality and as such it does not have the prevailing influence on all of the people yet you have to be on the very frequency of Jupiter i.e. on the righteous track in order to get the best of its influence. So many retrograde planets have brought up many perplexities and entanglements in personal history  that influences the mind in mesmerizing way in order to make out the right track and update with information, deduction and personal development for the sake of realization of plans, aims, goals, aspirations. If you are investing in yourself.

Still, reality shows that due to the retrograde Saturn and Pluto in particular you might seem like you are being “drawn back” into the pit of past experiences and entanglements due to all so very powerful  fixations, set of prejudice or impartiality with the aim of “restructuring” your point of view with the updated facts with an underlying danger of being pulled into a void of inertia, the matrix, the anxiety of being faced with the fact that you are being deprived of the choice or at least that making the right choice seems to be the road less traveled.

It is a unique sort of a test of your own existential philosophy, the reality check and the checking-up point of sustainability of your frame of mind for the sake of accomplishing the best possible outcome of your present endeavors. What “karma” is constantly trying to teach us is that all our existential philosophies, our attitude towards life, our point of view as well as our individual idiosyncrasies  undergo the test of time for the sake of becoming the best possible version of ourselves. The reason would be the liberation of spirit from all sorts of fear, prejudice, fixations, difficult experiences, pain, complexes, illusions we might seem to be running in circles until we resolve the matter and pick up the pieces of the puzzle together from the perspective of wisdom. In case you reject to purify, uplift and get higher into self-improvement, Jupiter won’t be of much help.

We are evidently being exposed to a unique sort of a test whereupon the development on the global scale reveals the misplaced thesis so to say in the black and white paradigm. There are two ways emanating from the source whereupon only through choosing the right one and sticking to just one wall we are being able to come our of the labyrinth of our personal entanglements. The Pluto phenomenon in Capricorn in recent years has made a “tricky game” of leading us astray to believe in the power of the “dark” force. Well, yes the Darth Vader is fun character to see, yet only in the movies. In reality there is a high price to pay playing with him only Jupiter can save you from. In case you want a salvation the world has forgotten about.  In case you really want to choose what this old grandpa has to say it would be the undeniable fact that true power lies in knowledge and wisdom no matter what the delusional popular media pack-it-up-to-look-nice pitch about.  In case you want to be your own, being the hardest thing nowadays you would exclude yourself from all of it and seek to find your own way through self-improvement of your own personality thus building up your individuality with respect to your own true self.  Only then Jupiter will endow you with the blessing of pulling you into a high quality of life and you will become eligible to realize your dreams. Basically, what is worth for having is worth for investing and the ultimate happiness is essentially a state of mind, the healthy mind and soul liberated from imperfections of spirit. The ultimate aim would be to gain the wisdom enough to reach out for it.  Happiness is all so well deserved.

This direct mode of Jupiter reminds us of it for it would be the only way to go forward. Otherwise we would be running around in circles cursing the damn Saturn or damn Pluto for putting us into the dire straits of life.  Whatever drama you are currently going through keep in mind it is a sort of a test of your own sustainability and your personal system of thinking that should or should not undergo a change. Then the Jupiter will bring expansion and fresh new opportunities as a reward of your hard work done as a sort of a payoff for all your personal investments. Your prayers will be answered.

Everybody want a piece of power nowadays only some are desperate to get it. If Jupiter taught us anything it would be to keep the dignity and comply with everything that has the measure of dignity. Nobility of the spirit is something that pulls you up to the heights of a good life and happiness you seek and if your work out your way towards becoming a better human than you used to be, then Jupiter will endow you with one and only true power – knowledge and wisdom.

You have to be on the frequency of truth in order to have the blessing of Jupiter as the higher mind and the more you reach out for the truth it is more likely that you will find it. Waking up from the shadow of illusions is what you have to be praying for and Jupiter direct will lead you through.

“Where ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise” said Thomas Grey but it only refers to children of Eton college who are blissful in their own purity and innocence. If you happen to be pure and innocent as children, being the way the Bible calls for, then you might also be within the realms of Jupiter who is the guide and the “finder of the lost children.”

For all of you who seek for the piece of power in the contemporary world that undergoes a “blitzkrieg” of greed, vanity and illusion, Jupiter wants you to know that knowledge is what you need

Supermoon in Libra – Relating


The beginning of the new astrological year that coincides with the Sun at 0 degrees Aries and the Spring Equinox marks the occurrence of the Supermoon in Libra, thus bringing up the issue of relating onto the surface,e for the sake of all the situations that need to be resolved or communicated through enough to clarify the moral of the story. Namely the position of Mars on the fixed star Algol, the famous mythological Medusa makes this relating issue somewhat tense, complicated or even aggressive. In case you might have felt exhausted this week in your pursue of sustaining your healthy attitude or putting everybody involved on their place, this Supermoon in Libra might inspire you to brood upon the issue of relating for the sake of finding the best possible modus operandi that will keep you safe and successful in your endeavors. These are not smooth times but very tense and dangerous due to the overall big picture scenario of ongoing restructuring of planetary power in the light of Saturn in Capricorn conjoined with Pluto the destructive, regenerative and transformational force that sets up an ultimatum of a kind, so make sure you know what is a must in your life in the frame of this planetary mash up of aroused pathological impulses craving for soul food.  This full Moon might provide the balance in coming up with new ways of relating in compliance with your individualism, social grace and accomplishments thus enabling you to maintain dignity in the process, take on attitude and ultimately fulfill your goal.

Libra arouses the issue of relating in the way that it tackles all your relationships, having in mind that Libra represents the natural sector of US vs ME, meaning that the issue of relating considers everybody – your friends, your colleagues, your partners, your family, your lovers, your neighbors, your bosses etc. for the sake of finding the ultimate mode of self-preservation and self-maintenance in the purse of your goals. We are witnessing the tense atmosphere in everyday relations due to the position of Mars on the fixed star Algol that creates aggression, danger, impulsiveness, willfulness and recklessness. In case you might feel trigger happy more than usual, anxious or distressed, make sure you determine the frame of maneuver first and follow the rules you have established as a set of principles for yourself at the same time balancing energies with people who are being edgy and under pressure just as much.  Mind you, all the underlying pathological issues craving for soul food are essentially the unresolved childhood issues that consequently eat up the healthy energy you choose to provide or not. All the potential conflicts in the light of Mars on a mythological Medusa degree are being demonstrated in a slightly aggressive way in order to subside the pathological issue of Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn and feed up the void with your reaction for the sake of personal preservation. The only solution to a burning issue would be the self-imposed self-improvement as the conscious effort to purify the shadow from all the accumulated experience, traumas, negative emotion or suffering through channeling the dust “under the rug” and liberating from the pressure. What it takes is a sort of a “water pump” that is going to clear the unconscious and release the pressure and you might find it in various forms of energetic well-being maintenance  such as spiritual techniques, fasting, faith, meditation, yoga or even sports. What unmistakably clears up the “basement” of the psyche is love in all its forms so make sure you have your portion of emotional exchange that is going to ennoble your soul and provide the insight into the most important values of life. Medusa was famous for “petrifying the warriors with her eyes” and what exactly lies in the very core of that “petrification”  is FEAR, the underlying fear that is conjoined with expectations, concerns about future in the root of all anxiety. We live in the times of anxiety when nothing is certain and when the very life is being threatened with the potential overturns each and every second and the underlying fear of all the inhumane in people that has taken the stand along with the unresolved fears as he result of childhood traumas is exactly what this petrification is about.  Weaknesses, complexes, prejudice, shocks, fixations, negative experiences, suppressed emotion, illusions, will for power, ego-centrism is what makes people judgmental, weak or freightened i.e. petrified in this aggressive demeanor of Mars demonstrating force consequently feeding the void of unresolved fear, expressed through a snake tongue and poison of the word.

Still, in the light of Saturn-Pluto incoming conjunction in Capricorn we all face a sort of a must in the light of Libra endowed relating sector for the sake of accomplishing success of the 10th house of ultimate goals. It seems that it is only a matter of playing a chess game right enough to accept the unavoidable Pluto imperative in your life you have to count in your ultimate quest for personal realization. With this Libra Moon we will have to figure out how to relate with a sort of Pluto imperative lurking in the career sector thus setting us a TEST we have to pass in our quest for freedom. The sooner you realize where the test lies in your chart, the better off you will be in comprehending the big picture scenario in your life.

This Libra Supermoon might provide the insight into relating issue thus bringing up the level of communication and behavior to a brand new level with regard to one’s own individualism thus resisting the temptation of ending up on a plate of the “petrified” in the hunger games. It might bring up a decision that love is the wolf you want to feed and radiate with fire of the soul thus stopping the cycle of feeding the fear along with aroused self-awareness on one’s own social graces and relating for the sake of accomplishing harmony and live in peace with oneself.

This Supermoon in Libra will thus provide the balance in coming up with the new ways of relating in accordance with your status, social grace, individualism that enables you to ennoble the spirit, maintain dignity in the process, build up an attitude and ultimately accomplish your goal. It is a matter of building up your personal style of a warrior fully aware of the important fact that playing your cards right wins your game yet only through successful RELATING.


The Year of the Wild Boar – Riding High

2019 is the Year of the Wild Boar, the powerful, good-hearted creature who conquers with nobility and competence. Being endowed with supreme intelligence  the Wild Boar might challenge you to figure out your way from the practical point of view this year and stimulate you to reach the awaiting rewards for all the good work done so far for the sake of winning your place under the sun and securing your position of power.

The Wild Boar is the creature of power. Make sure you summon up your resources and basic potential, your skills as well as your talents and raise awareness on your best assets with the utmost nobility of spirit and high standards of living incorporated into the winning attitude at your position of authority to build up high professionalism for the sake of gaining substantial income this year. The Wild Boar is an authoritative figure that withholds the competence and capability as the greatest talents managing to overcome all obstacles and thus accomplishing the ultimate aim. Having the noble heart the Wild Boar will rise above the weaknesses and perform the humility and the understanding for the sake of lifting up oneself as well as the people around thus sawing the seed of a good credit for the future.

The Wild Boar is a professional, leader, the ambassador of the good will who cherishes the quality above the numbers albeit always accomplishing the substantial income. The justly nature of this creature might put everybody to their place and secure the rewards for all the professional good work done in the cycle of 12 years. This mostly refers to the status and financial accomplishments of all those who have been working hard in the Year of the Dog and who have invested the energy into the professional accomplishments and the developed high professional standards of performance.The Wild Boar might challenge your attitude towards business and provide the rewards enabling you to secure your existence financially and materialistically. The Wild Boar tests your skills and your competence and makes sure you get a good advice or a leadership from the position of authority. If you have been struggling to find your way, this year around you might pick up some good advice and guidance on how you should proceed or improve your professional performance or you might even manage to get into the position to realize your plans thus gaining the support of powerful people. The Wild Boar might make sure you find the people you need and provide the contacts and guidance you need on your quest to realize your dreams.  The benevolent nature of this creature brings in the spirit of companionship and support for all who have been seeking the chance and working hard to accomplish success. For all the successful people this year might be the year when finally the finances stabilize and when the healthy cash flow is being secured thus placing you on a position of authority, power or ensuring the publicity you need  or you have earned. Most importantly, the Wild Boar will make sure everybody gets what they have earned for or accomplished so far.

There  must be somebody in your life this year who will be the blessing of a kind in your professional as well as the personal life, who will unselfishly offer the support, guidance, connection, partnership or love. This mild energy will most importantly soothe the consequences of the rough wounds on the battlefield of life due to the ongoing jeopardizing aspects such as transits of Saturn or Pluto. You should have an open mind and cherish the blessings you get this year since they might turn out to be pivotal for your career.

As for the family life and partnerships, the Wild Boar is the creature who gathers people together, who represents the support and guidance and therefore you might have some special appearances this year or some special connections with people turn out to be a real blessing for you and whom you have wanted in the first place. This year is vibrating with stability, long-term connections, partnerships that can withstand the test of time and that stand a good chance to be long-term commitments. The key issue of trust might somehow be resolved in the way that Wild Boar turns out to be the guardian angel in the form of that special somebody who can provide the selfless love and support to a degree of melting your heart and strengthening your trust. For all the couples who have already established the safe ground and stability, this mild energy might strengthen the ties and thus put the relationship on the next level. The Wild Boars are familiar creatures who represent the father figures or mother figures of the family who take care of everything and this energy of blessing might provide the reconciliation and settlements for many couples. You will just have to recognize that special people in your life, trust them and respond with love they are showing to you.

The Wild Boar is the creature of the high awareness, intelligence and  high moral standards as long as they maintain the high moral criteria in their lives. They are prone to hedonism and they can easily slide onto the level of self-indulging pigsty  when they lose every sense of decency or regard. If they lose the high morality they are naturally endowed with they not only lose everything they have but they even lose themselves. The key issue  is greed. Wild Boars are naturally the ambassadors of good will who successfully accomplish the financial status they want by providing the most professional support to people who depend upon them and most usually Wild Boars are superior authoritative figures lives of people depend upon. If they lose track and fall into a snare of greed, always lurking as the underlying challenge, they eventually lose their power and become the food of all those Snakes waiting to charge the Karma debt. People born in the sign of the Snake are natural enemies to Wild Boars and they eat them up being the punishment for their fall from Grace and High moral standards of living. So take care not to indulge yourself too much this year and show dignity, grace and gratitude for everything you have got and everything you get this year and you will be on the right track to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams.

With the utmost competence, intelligence and good heart of the Wild Boar all it takes for you to reach the top of your game and win the big time is to be Riding High.



Mars in Pisces – True Colors


This time around Mars is transiting Pisces and it seems to be pretty colorful development in the lives of people trying to distinguish the subtle nuances of reality in the quest for revealing the true colors of life.

If anybody is capable of seeing through the pack of lies and putting on a cape made of lies for the sake of protection in a sort of cameleon role-playing game than it is Mars in Pisces who doctored it.

Be smart. Things have not been as they seem for a longer while now and every word counts as the paybill for the sake of accomplishing a goal. 

This colorful Mars in Pisces is about to dive into the sea of colors and take a ride through the well known marine territory of various lurking sea creatures whereupon the chain nutrition rules demand you better become a shark to avoid getting eaten up or you might as well be a scooba diver exhilirated or curious enough to explore the underwater rules of habitat.

Mind you, Jupiter in Sagittarius is a challenge. “Look but don’t touch, touch but don’t taste, taste but don’t swallow” just to remind you that on your way to your financial, spiritual, personal freedom and salvation from the valley of shadows you have to establish a purpose and higher cause before you meddle into the realms of perfectly organized underwater world of naturally selective predators versus all those wonderful creatures that make the beauty of the Ocean.

First you would have to learn a set of rules of behavior Jupiter reminds you of, previously confessing the motive of disturbance of the natural paradise that represents the nature of the soul in all the art ever made, explaining yourself for it, takong a bow and announcing the duration of the visit.

However, in case you realize you just don’t belong to the underwater world for you might experience troubles with your oxigen tanks or it seems that the pressure is too high than you might discover this excursion was not for you after all. Deep waters demand high focus amd stamina so make sure you are in good shape.

Emotions and the ocean drive. 

However if you are persistent enough to find that mythological Poseidon and witness the golden trident right there,  take a great care. The very Poseidon might get mighty angry and stir the waves causing the tectonic disturbances in rage unless your heroic motives are pure in faith for the sake of aquiring worldly wisdom. In that case you might get endowed with the pearl of wisdom, yet still being kicked out on the shore. 

Don’t mess with the Poseidon or the golden trident might end up stuck up in your buttocks and you might as well end up as a dish of a portion of barbecue.

Mind you, you have to know exactly what you are doing for you will be asked questions to choose your Saving Grace and stick to just one wall on the way of our of the labyrinth. In any case you should keep quiet about what you have seen since Mighty Silence would be your Truth and Deliverance.

If your clarify your vision into the clear perception of all the veils of illusion on this Ocean ride you might as well see the seven wonders and find the life’s True Colors.